Saturday, September 25, 2010

EFMP Again..

Many of you read my other EFMP post. In that I explained a little about what exactly EFMP was.

Now I want to tell you what I have been up to regarding my own kids and the EFMP process. I can't remember if I mentioned it in the last post but My oldest, Blake has been an EFMP for the last few years due to hearing loss. We have had no problems with the process.

Just the other day Hubbyman walked into the EFMP office and updated Blake's paperwork. They took the copies from the Audiologist and did the update. They also gave us the paperwork so we can have Blake's psychiatrist fill it out for his other issues.

That same visit Hubbyman dropped off the paperwork for my 3 year old, Dustin. He has been diagnosed with Autism and being an EFMP can help us get the right therapies for him. They took it handed us the paperwork to take with us and have another Dr fill out. We are to call them back next week to see what the status is. We are hoping that he will be in the program by then and all we will have to do is update with paperwork filled out by the other specialists.

Same visit we were given the paperwork to have my 7 year old's psychiatrist fill out. She has been diagnosed with severe ADHD among other issues. So I am sure you get my point. We did so much in just one visit with them. Here at Ft. Bliss they are amazing to work with.

So what is my point? I know you are asking yourself what the heck is going on. LOL I just want you all to know that you should not be afraid of walking into the office and doing what you need to for yourself or your child.  I know not every office is the same but so far here at Ft. Bliss and first at Ft. Drum we have had only pleasant experiences when dealing with putting our children into the program and making them EFMPs.

If you have any questions about the EFMP program, please ask and i will do my best to help you. I just can not get over the fact that some think that if they or a family member become an EFMP that it is like a death sentence for one's career when it is so far from that.
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  1. I am glad you have had good experience's with them. As you know we are just starting this process and the EFMP guy here really helped me get in contact with the right people.

  2. Ashley, I am glad to know that there is someone there who is willing to help you. I really hope you find the answers that you need to. I know what it was like knowing something is just not right, yet being pushed around without an answer. I was not scared of the diagnosis, just needed it to move forward. Good Luck!!

  3. As anyone had help moving out of an area with EFMP? Good luck to you.

  4. If you are EFMP and still require services, usually you can go to the nearest facility that offers the services. If the area and the surrounding area do not offer the services you need then that would be a reason that the service member would either have to go alone or you could fight the EFMP status.