Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GoGo Juice!! Review and Giveaway!!

If you are anything like me then you are always in search of products that are good for your child/ren. One of my main concerns is what my kids drink. We do not do the red dye #40 around here and I always look for 100% juice. Even with that I still do a 50/50 split and add water. GoGo Juice has everything that I look for in a juice and the best part, it is actually made to add water to it.

My family was sent one bottle of GoGo Juice and all the kids LOVED the design on the bottle. lol  For kids I guess it really does all depend on the packaging no matter how hard I try to show them otherwise. Needless to say they all wanted some GoGo Juice, they made that very clear when they were marching around in a circle repeating Go Go Juice. lol House full of characters is what I have.

Before I go further with my review let me share some more info about how  GoGo Juice got started.
GoGo Juice started because our founder, Betty, couldn't get a job. She tried and tried but just couldn't get hired during the economic downturn starting 2008. After the birth of her second child, Betty realized that all the "bad" stuff that happened in the past two years were really blessings in disguise. And, in a dream it came to her! She was going to take matters into her own hand and do her "own thing" - juice for little kids. Why not? She knows how hard it is to find affordable, non-toxic juices for her own kids.

The next day, Betty started researching the industry, the market, and everything else. She found that there were already products on the market and was a little discouraged, but decided to continue anyways. After all, she needed to be able to support herself and her family. So, Betty found a great mentor (Hi David!) and together they formed the basic business model. But, that wasn't enough. She needed something more unique than just "a juice drink for kids."

One day, Betty was thinking about her cousin's wedding in Galveston, TX. It was the first family reunion event she had attended in a while and another of her cousins mentioned that her kids were found to be on the autism spectrum. Unsure of what autism really is, Betty googled it. One thing led to another and she found herself in the midst of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). Next thing anyone knew, Betty was soaking up all the autism and biomedical intervention information she could.

As time progressed, and the business started building it's skeleton, more and more people thought the idea was "interesting". Betty started talking with families on the spectrum and even leaders within the Autism community. Pretty soon it went from "Interesting" to a "Good Idea" and now we think its a "Great Idea". During one such conversation, Betty realized her focus should be families and not just little kids. Generally speaking, the whole family must be supportive of dietary changes before true change can begin. And so, our products began to take shape and we're hoping families of all ages, both on and off the spectrum, will like our naturally-juiced beverages.

We're really proud of what we've accomplished so far and excited by the opportunity to actually make a difference in the lives of families who are frankly short on time (and maybe even patience). Our goal now is to help families step away from the juicer so they can spend more time doing what makes them happy (and we like spending time with our kids). Additionally, we will focus on helping unemployed, underemployed or single parents by offering paying, work-with-your-child positions.

We look forward to growing together with you and your family.

I love the honesty in how GoGo Juice came to be and having a child with Autism and also another with Aspergers, yet finding a Juice that everyone LOVED makes me a happy Mommy.  Our bottle did not last long at all, but at the same time it did last twice what it would have. When the older 2 get a drink by themselves they always try to get away with adding less water. With GoGoJuice they soon realized after taking that first sip that they only like it if they mix in the water. LOL

So now that I have told you what my family thinks about GoGo Juice it is time to offer some to one lucky reader of mine. That is right, GoGo Juice has been very generous and is offering one of my readers not one but six bottles of GoGo Juice of their own. How awesome is that? Many thanks to GoGo Juice for the amazing giveaway offer.

This giveaway will end October 5th at Midnight. That is when I will let Random.org pick a winner. Please remember to include your email address within the Mandatory entry. It is always nice to not have to search when trying to connect to the winner.

Mandatory Entry: Go to GoGo Juice and sign up for the e-newsletter. Doing this will also automatically enter you  into a drawing to win a 6-pack of our 32 oz bottles. Come back and tell me which email address you signed up with.

Second Entry: Go become a Fan of GoGo Juice on Facebook and come back and leave your Facebook name. From now until the end of September GoGo Juice will be donating $1 for every new fan they get to the Autism Society of America's cause on Facebook.

Last Entry: Go to GoGo Juice and come back and tell me something you found interesting on the site.

Have Fun and Good Luck!!
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  1. Signed up for the newsletter! faeriecastle@yahoo.com

  2. I am following them on FB Tracy White DeLuca

  3. I found out that when you buy well known juices, you may be buying rice hulls, ground wood, and tiny fossilized critters that are used to help high volume pressing. That's really kinda gross.

    I am so excited about this juice! I hope I can find it around here....

  4. Man! SO they are not available in stores yet but I will be ordering some! Hope they start selling in stores soon.

  5. I signed up with lct.dice@gmail.com

  6. I signed up for their newsletter with jaime.huff1 at gmail.com. What a great story and I hope they have tons of success! I hope they make it in to stores!

  7. I liked their FB page, referenced your blog and Jaime Huff

  8. I learned that pears are a low glycemic product which decreases the feeding of bad yeast in the gut!!!

    jaime.huff1 at gmail.com

  9. What a great story on what sounds like a great company and product!

    I signed up for their newsletter with the following email address:
    tamarachewning at gmail dot com

  10. I 'like' GoGo Juice on FB! (Tamara Todd Chewning)

  11. I visited GoGo Juice and learned that, "when you buy well known juices, you may be buying rice hulls, ground wood, and tiny fossilized critters that are used to help high volume pressing." Ewww!