Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 Years!!

10 years ago today the Hubbyman and I were married. Step back in time with me..

Year 2000- Hubbyman and I reconnected after 5 years apart, July- We found out I was pregnant, July- We got engaged, July, August, September, and October- We planned the Wedding, August- We moved into our house, October 21st- We were married!!

Year 2001- March 30th - Blake was born!! September 11th- well we all know what happened on that day, 2001 brought a few separations as the Hubbyman was in the National Guard. End of 2001 - Hubbyman went back to Active Duty.

Year 2002 - Jan- The Hubbyman left to Virginia, End of Jan - Blake and I packed up and left Michigan,  The rest of 2002 was all about this new life.

Year 2003 - Jan 4th- Natalee was born, 2003 also brought us to our 1st deployment.

Year 2004 - Now with 2 little ones this year brought us to our 2nd deployment.

Year 2005 - End of 2nd deployment, mission to England, Dec 13th - William was born an angel.

Year 2006 - Moved from Virginia to New York, Found out I was pregnant, The dreaded 3rd Deployment started (this is the one that would forever change my family).

Year 2007 - April 25th  Dustin was born during R&R, The Hubbyman went back to Iraq, While in Iraq Hubbyman was diagnosed with PTSD, November - 3rd Deployment finally over.

Year 2008 - November - We moved from New York to Texas, 4th deployment scheduled but The Hubbyman ended up not going. Found out I was pregnant.

Year 2009 - April 9th- Benjamin was born!

Year 2010 - Present  The Hubbyman and I along with the whole family are in the process and making plans. Hopefully by next year we will be out of Texas.

Even though we have been married 10 years, I keep teasing him and telling him that every Anniversary that he missed doesn't count. LOL  This morning I told him Happy 6 year Anniversary as I was handing him his lunch.

What I did not place into the time line was all the other schools and separations, also our other losses.

Thank You for taking a step back in time with me. Today I will be baking a Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting for The Hubbyman as his gift. I may even throw in a nice dinner.


  1. If the anniversaries that my husband missed don't count then we are only going on our 1st instead of our 7th.

  2. So far I have only counted the ones he was actually deployed for as missed. I think we would be on number 3 if I counted ones missed for Missions, Field Time, and schools. LOL

  3. Congrats Ang!! 10 years regardless of seperation is a huge accomplishment!

  4. He has been at NTC or deployed for all of them And he is going to miss our 7th in May due to deployment. Hoping number 8 will be our lucky one!