Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 Years!!

10 years ago today the Hubbyman and I were married. Step back in time with me..

Year 2000- Hubbyman and I reconnected after 5 years apart, July- We found out I was pregnant, July- We got engaged, July, August, September, and October- We planned the Wedding, August- We moved into our house, October 21st- We were married!!

Year 2001- March 30th - Blake was born!! September 11th- well we all know what happened on that day, 2001 brought a few separations as the Hubbyman was in the National Guard. End of 2001 - Hubbyman went back to Active Duty.

Year 2002 - Jan- The Hubbyman left to Virginia, End of Jan - Blake and I packed up and left Michigan,  The rest of 2002 was all about this new life.

Year 2003 - Jan 4th- Natalee was born, 2003 also brought us to our 1st deployment.

Year 2004 - Now with 2 little ones this year brought us to our 2nd deployment.

Year 2005 - End of 2nd deployment, mission to England, Dec 13th - William was born an angel.

Year 2006 - Moved from Virginia to New York, Found out I was pregnant, The dreaded 3rd Deployment started (this is the one that would forever change my family).

Year 2007 - April 25th  Dustin was born during R&R, The Hubbyman went back to Iraq, While in Iraq Hubbyman was diagnosed with PTSD, November - 3rd Deployment finally over.

Year 2008 - November - We moved from New York to Texas, 4th deployment scheduled but The Hubbyman ended up not going. Found out I was pregnant.

Year 2009 - April 9th- Benjamin was born!

Year 2010 - Present  The Hubbyman and I along with the whole family are in the process and making plans. Hopefully by next year we will be out of Texas.

Even though we have been married 10 years, I keep teasing him and telling him that every Anniversary that he missed doesn't count. LOL  This morning I told him Happy 6 year Anniversary as I was handing him his lunch.

What I did not place into the time line was all the other schools and separations, also our other losses.

Thank You for taking a step back in time with me. Today I will be baking a Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting for The Hubbyman as his gift. I may even throw in a nice dinner.


  1. If the anniversaries that my husband missed don't count then we are only going on our 1st instead of our 7th.

  2. Happy 10 year anniversary!!

  3. So far I have only counted the ones he was actually deployed for as missed. I think we would be on number 3 if I counted ones missed for Missions, Field Time, and schools. LOL

  4. Congrats Ang!! 10 years regardless of seperation is a huge accomplishment!

  5. He has been at NTC or deployed for all of them And he is going to miss our 7th in May due to deployment. Hoping number 8 will be our lucky one!