Friday, October 8, 2010

Being Bullied

I do have reviews and giveaways to post but I just had to step back and look into something else today.  That would be Bullying or being Bullied.

When I made the decision to allow my oldest 2 to go to school in a regular setting, it was a decision that I took to heart. The transition has not been pleasant at all times, in fact more than a handful of times have the kids asked to come back home. I have not gotten to that point yet, but goodness I am soooo close. I will tell you why.

My 7 year old has switch from a second grade classroom to a first grade classroom. Academically this has been wonderful for her, socially not so much. In the first classroom the teacher made it clear she was "that" child, you know "a homeschooled kid" crazy right? So a few kids started teasing her about being homeschooled. She took that teasing episode with grace and simply said "Oh being homeschooled was great!!" "We went to San Antonio for 2 weeks and went on field trips and we went to Ceder Point for a day and it was a field trip!" The kids stopped because they found out how neat being homeschooled was.

Now this first grade classroom has a few bad apples. My daughter has been called names and had things said to her that I wish I could take back. She wears glasses so yes some of it comes from that. I have watched my daughter go from loving school to not wanting to go back, I have had to answer her when she asks me if she is ugly, fat  (she is a bean pole), stupid, dumb, and the list goes on. I have been to the school numerous times and have talked to the people I need to talk to. Today I get to do that again because she came home yesterday and said that the teacher does not like tattle tails. Seriously? I just can't understand why the teacher would consider this tattle tailing if it is the same child that my daughter is referring to.

I was sent a link to another Blog Post on Facebook. I went and read it. It is well written and I want to share it with you. Single Dad Laughing has many wonderfully written posts but this one inparticular went straight to my heart as I am dealing with this with my oldest 2 right now. Memoirs Of A Bullied Kid It is long but well worth it!!

I would love to hear from anyone who was a Bully or was Bullied. Please leave me a comment with your story. I would also like any ideas about how to help my children get past this bullying and come out a better person in the end.


  1. Love them Hug them. Tell them every day how special and awesome they are.

    My 16 yo has dealt with bullying since she was in about 4th grade. Name calling, etc. She has always been overweight. The kids on her bus were so mean even LAST YEAR that I drive her to school every day this year and she is a senior in HS.

    She is beautiful and smart. She makes me proud every day. And she has a sense of herself that gets her through the bullying and out the other side.

    Be aware. Question. Never take "fine" as an answer on how their day went. Be involved at school. Be your child's advocate and their confidante. Be who you are... because you are an awesome mother.

    Your children will come out of this fine in the end. They will be strong, confident adults who know they are loved.

    But damn it is hard getting to that point. HUGS

  2. My kids are still young, so I don't know how I am going to deal with it. I am pissed off that my son came home from preschool yesterday and told me a little girl threw something at his head and they needed to get him ice......yet no one thought this was important to tell me?

    I think the teachers need to step it up. In my opinion, most of them act just as bad as the bullies!

  3. See I think that is the biggest part of the whole scenio. The teachers and staff of the school. Luckily my 3 year old is in the special pre school class, only because anytime something happens I get a call. I also like the nurse at the school, she has called each and every time one of my kids goes in there. It is the rest of the time. I mean what REALLY has to happen before someone is considered to be being bullied?