Friday, October 29, 2010

Bullying Again...

I know I know I seem to bring this subject up a lot, but I have a question or 2 for all the parents that read my blog.

At what point do you think it goes from just kids being kids to bullying?
In Elementary School I expect a few little tiffs about someone cutting in line, the occasional being pushed, a little he said she said, and a little name calling. What I didn't expect was the constantly getting kicked everyday for 3 weeks, the getting pushed around everyday for 3 weeks, or the older kids cussing out the younger kids.
For me that is when it turned from kids being kids to bullying at least in my eyes.

What would do if your child was being bullied and you saw nothing being done to help them?
For me I honestly got to a point that even I didn't think I could help them. They were doing everything they were suppose to according to the School's Anti- Bullying Policy. Instead of getting help they were getting told "I don't really like tattle tales", "Oh just ignore it", and "Just stay away from them".

What steps would you take after your child received a Death Threat? What if your child was the one that was  responsible for that threat? 
For me I pulled my kids out of that school because the threat along with all the bullying equaled a place that was not safe for my kids. This threat was not just a child saying "Oh you are dead now" this threat was in picture form. The other child was right there in the school and my son's classroom the very next day, I guess to me the child should of received at least one day suspension for his actions.

I only ask these questions because I have been told I should do this or I should do that and I have also been told that I should not care about what the school does now because My kids no longer go there. My kids may no longer go to that school but they still go to another school in the same district. I feel that no child should have to go through what my children went though and if that means helping the school come up with ideas for what should have been done or what will be done from now on, then so be it.
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