Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Brings so many Local opportunities!!

 Today my family went out to a local place with her Brownie Troop!! We went to La Union Corn Maze it was so much fun. The first thing we did was go through the Corn Maze. We thought it was best to get to it first as Dustin would not have done well if it was dark. We gave Natalee control of the map and she had fun taking us in circles. We did end up finding our way back out. LOL

Even though it seemed so busy by the look of the parking lot, once inside everyone was quite spread out.

Get Lost in Green - 2010 Season Opens Sep. 24 - Nov. 7, 2010!

$9 for ages 6 and up — 5 and under free.

Fri. 5-10pm — Sat. 11-10 pm. — Sun. Noon-6 pm

Wednesdays Nights, Oct. 13 and 20,

reserved for Church/Youth groups by appointment only

Please Excuse the mess of Ketchup on Dustin's face in the back ground. lol

They have a lot to do:
A Jumpy Thing
The Goats
Cow Train
Hay Ride You can just ride or you can get off at the pumpkin patch to go pick out your very own pumpkin and grab a ride back with the next Hay Ride to come by.
Awesome Slides
A slide with a mini maze

Lots of fun to be had, no matter what your age is!!

If you get a chance and you live near by, I recommend going and getting lost in the green. Oh and don't forget to try the roasted corn, it was amazing!!

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