Monday, October 11, 2010

A Glimpse Into My World

I have quite a few reviews  to post including an awesome review and giveaway from Redi Shade. But for today, right at this moment I need to get a few things out.

Have you ever had one moment in time where all the sudden you are feeling every emotion possible? You are feeling sadness, being nervous, scared, happy, excited, and a little unsure. This is me tonight. I don't know why but today everything is hitting me all at once. There are so many changes happening in my life right now. Don't get me wrong at the end there will be no regrets but this process and all the decisions have been hard and easy all at the same time.

I have posted before about the Hubbyman going from Soldier to Wounded Warrior to getting out of the Army. Never direct but if you read between the lines you will find out who i was talking about. From the first decision to go ahead and start the process to today, they have all come from the heart and what is happening with these decisions will be great for our family, but with each decision brings more questions. Today the Hubbyman had an appt to get a sleep study done, of coarse it has been approved and he will be having his sleep study in about a week. Turns out sleep apnea is quite common in those with PTSD. Hmmm PTSD that is another post of 4 all in itself.

Also within about a week I will be going back to school. Okay not really to school as this program is all online. I have been approved and am now all registered to start a program with Military To Medicine. Not knowing exactly how long we have left being in the Army I chose to do something now instead of having to try to find some type of minimal job once we get where we are going. I was proud of myself but today I am quite nervous as i found I have 3 weeks to finish my first course add that with all the appts for all the kids and Hubbyman, I guess I am sort of getting over whelmed, Yup I will admit it, I am overwhelmed.

The other stuff that is going on is knowing I will be losing this title I have held for quite some time. I will no longer be an Army Wife, nope I will become just the wife. I don't know why but this is hard for me. I have been thinking about this a lot because well scroll to the top and there is the first change that needs to be made. I will have to rename my blog, the blog I started to first just get out the stuff about me and my life ramblings, this in turn became part of me instead of me becoming part of it. I love being able to post things that will interest others. Hopefully you will all continue to join me in the new adventures that will be taking place for my family and I.

Well I am sure I have bored you enough. Thank you for allowing me to throw these crazy posts into the mix. Don't worry I am sure there are more crazy posts coming. I have so much to get out but I also have so many wonderful things to share with everyone. I promise to post the fun and exciting posts with just a few crazy ones like this thrown in.

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