Monday, October 18, 2010


I really don't know why this is still bugging me, but it is. Today while on Facebook, someone posted new pics of some products they were selling. When I was looking at the pics I saw 2 typos in the wording on the shirts. The shirts both said "The Military May Have My Mommy, but I Have His Heart" Can you see the typo in that saying? Being nice I posted a comment under the pictures stating that there was indeed a typo. I didn't think I was rude about it at all or maybe this person just wanted to hide that there was a typo because they fixed the typos and promptly deleted my comments. No Thank You for letting them know or anything.

Like I said this bugged me and I wrote on their wall about how a little note of thanks could have gone a long way. Well they deleted that comment off their wall also. Seriously!! So still being bothered by it, still not sure why, I wrote on my own wall and changed my own status to say that i was deleting them off my list and the reason why. When looking at their page I saw that they had commented back every time someone said something good about a product but had deleted my comments. They even replied to my status and still never said thank you.

Well lesson learned on my part, I will now just let a product picture look like an idiot designed it. I will keep my comments to myself.

The fact is that I don't care that they deleted my comments under the pictures after fixing the typos, but they could have added a comment stating something like Thanks for noticing the typos. I don't care that they deleted my comment off their wall, but again how hard is it to say thank you to someone. Even after I wrote my status to which they replied, they could have very easily said Wow!! not sure what happened to your comment, but I do appreciate and thank you for your help. Instead they wrote something along the lines of I am not going to argue about this and I am not in High School.

Sorry I just had to get this out, maybe it is because my day has not at all gone as planned or something but this whole thing does not sit right with me. This is one place that will never get my business and the sad thing is that the products they offer are some that i would actually purchase.

Thanks for letting me get that out....


  1. Personally, i would have been irritated too. Common courtesy dictates a thank you note! I saw your update on FB and their comment back. It just proved to me that they are the HS ones...

  2. maybe they were embarrassed and didn't want to draw attention to the mistake... I get what you are saying a thank-you would have been nice... maybe a private message that said OMG thanks and I hope you don't mind I deleted your comment But no you get a hey grow up message... which really was something they needed to listen too!!
    Doesn't sound like some one you know well.. so bye bye...