Sunday, October 17, 2010

Science Fair Time!!

In our School District the Science Fair is mandatory for the 4th graders. Guess What? That means Blake is required to enter the fair. This just reminds me of all the things that have changed since I went to school. I always had the option to do a Science Project but was never required to enter the Science Fair.

All morning we (Blake and I) have been researching on what he wanted to do as his project. Low and Behold he actually made a decision. This is a great thing for him because usually he has a horrible time making any type of decision. I am quite proud of the little big boy right now.

After going to multiple websites we came across one called Science Buddies This is where he found which type of project he wanted to do. Between Life, Earth, and Physical Sciences he chose Physical Science.

After that he chose from a list of projects and his final choice has to do with static electricity!!

I feel this will be a wonderful learning experience for Blake and I will be writing an updated blog for each step of this process. Tomorrow is the day he has to turn in his entry form. We now have it all filled out and ready for him to turn in tomorrow. Next step is for him to turn in his Proposed Hypothesis on the 29th.

Thank You for letting me share this new journey into the Science Fair with you all..

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