Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shout Out For Fall!!

Fall!! This is my absolute favorite time of year. At least it is in my home state where there are actual trees that turn from green to beautiful shades of red and yellow, but despite the fact that we live in the desert we have been having some fun.

With my daughter's Brownie Troop we were able to head out to a pumpkin patch. It was a great time and I actually posted about the trip Here.  Fall can also be a very messy time with Halloween parties and jumping around in a big leaf pile (another thing I have been missing). I find that my kids learn amazing things just by taking some time outside to explore and have fun. That is why I was so very excited to be a part of Growing Tree Toys and Shout's Go Play initiative blogger Program.  Just check out  Shout's Facebook Page and you can find all kinds of fun! You can also find so many wonderful outdoor learning toys at Growing Tree Toys, they have all kinds of fun things that your children will love so much that they will forget they are actually learning.

If you are drawing a blank on how get your children to enjoy the outdoors and the wonderful nature surrounding them check out the  52 Activities In Nature card set. As part of the Blogging program I was given some of Shout's wonderful products as well as a set of the cards I mentioned above free from Shout.

I put one of the products to the ultimate test. While at the Cub Scout pack meeting my kids were able to dress up, my son's costume choice this year is a white Karate outfit, yup, you already know what happened don't you? Well they were serving Red juice. Here is a video of How a Shout Product saved the costume.

I have tried other types of stain removing sprays but always come back to Shout. I have also used the original stain removing gel. Still I am amazed how the Shout Advanced got rid of a stain that to me is one of the hardest to get out. With 4 kids and places that still think that Red Juice is a great beverage to serve to kids I may have to keep Shout on hand at all times. It has literally saved my son's Halloween costume making this mommy very happy.

The pack of nature activity cards and products were given to me for free from Shout, all opinions are 100% my own.

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