Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ultimate Family Vacation!!

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Have you ever dreamt about what your Ultimate Family Getaway would be? I know I have!! Different spots, different activities, not to mention a little relaxation thrown in. Through the years and the adding of more kids into the mix as well as the major changes with the Hubbyman have made me rethink a few of my vacation ideas. Instead of wanting to go to some major amusement park where everyone can have fun (well except for hubbyman who would must likely be hiding in a corner somewhere), now I would love to go to a very peaceful place, rent an RV (since we don't have one yet), rent a boat (yup, still don't have one), and set up camp for an amazing 2 weeks. Just because it is camping doesn't mean it is not fun for everyone in the family. We are a family who love the woods, nature, fishing, hiking, and the like.
I will be honest before I married the Hubbyman almost 10 years ago I would have never thought I would enjoy camping. Now I absolutely LOVE camping. In fact all 6 of us do. The place doesn't really matter per say except a wooded area by a stream or lake is a must. Not only can you take a nice relaxing family walk through the woods to check all the nature surrounding you, you can also look for all the amazing things to be found on the shore before, after , or even during some fishing fun. And nothing says family fun better than a boat ride out across the beautiful water. Seriously a camping trip can be nothing but relaxing. I would love to be in a spot that during the evening you can look up and see all the beautiful stars, not too mention all the learning by the kids as they try to find different constellations.
So my ultimate Family Vacation would be camping for 2 weeks with my whole family and I could never forget to bring the 2 dogs to join the family fun. What would yours be?
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