Thursday, November 11, 2010

Change Your Clock Change Your Battery!!

Over this past weekend we all changed our clocks. Did you change anything else? I did! After we got home from our camping trip and after I went around the house to change all the clocks, I grabbed my package of batteries and went to each of our smoke detectors. With the major decorating Holidays approaching making sure that the batteries in all the smoke detectors are new is a very good idea.

For twenty-three years, Energizer, the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and thousands of fire departments nationwide have worked together to encourage everyone to adopt the life-saving Change Your Clock Change Your Battery® habit of changing and testing smoke alarm batteries with each fall time change. This is so important because having a working smoke alarm can cut the risk of dying in reported home structure fires in half as they can often provide critical extra seconds needed to get out of your home safely. And even though 96% of American homes have smoke alarms, many do not have one that works because of missing or worn-out batteries.

I have seen what fire can do and it is not pretty, so I ask that each and every one of my readers check the smoke detectors in their houses. If one needs new batteries then replace them, if one is broke, then replace it with a working one, if you have none, then please put some up. 
Each year, Energizer donates 200,000 batteries to help local fire departments nationwide. This year everyone has the chance to help double the donations, up to 400,000 batteries. Participation is easy. Visit the CYCCYB tab on the Energizer Bunny® Facebook page,, and pledge to change your smoke alarm batteries, share the life-saving Change Your Clock Change Your Battery message with others and create your family’s home escape plan so you have an exit plan in place. Each action will trigger a donation of batteries.

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