Monday, November 15, 2010

The Club No One Wanted To Join.... Review and Giveaway!!

This is the what the White Board that hangs in our Dining room now says. There are quite a few items on this basic list that Bernie Madoff should have listened to and put into action. Who is Bernie Madoff you ask?

Bernie Madoff is the one who had started one of the biggest Ponzi schemes to date to the tune of Sixty-Five Billion Dollars. You can google his name to find out more. I won't go into major details about him because that is not what this review is about.

This review is about a book. A book that takes you into the lives and back to the times when the Victims or Survivors whichever way you want to view them as, first got involved with Bernie Madoff or with a feeder company, in which they had never heard of Bernie Madoff. When they first found out that all the money was gone, sometimes 10 years later. As you read this book you are put right there with each  of them. Seriously! I felt like I was right there, right there in that time, standing right next to them.

This book makes you think of things like what if I woke up tomorrow and all my money was gone. What would I do, where would I go, who would I talk to? Each of the 29 stories compiled in this book tells of how they got where they are, tells about finding out the news, and tells what they have done since that time. Now there are only 29 stories within this book, many have stories but are not telling them, and even some will never get the chance to tell their story because they took their own lives when the news came in that day.

The Club No One Wanted To Join MADOFF VICTIMS IN THEIR OWN WORDS  was edited by Erin Arvedlund and Compiled by Alexandra Roth.

The book is available on Amazon but here is your chance to win your very own copy.

Please remember to include your email address in the your entries so i have a way to get ahold of you should you be the winner. Also make sure to do the Mandatory entry so any extra entries will count.

This giveaway will go until November 30th, at that time I will use to choose the winner.

Mandatory Entry- Please tell if you or someone close to you have ever been scammed.

Extra Entries-
1. "Like" the Madoff Survivors on facebook
                              2.  Follow my blog or let me know you already do.

That is it, Easy Peasy!! I feel that everyone should read this book, it really helps to know that the victims really had no clue what would happen in the end after placing their trust out in the open.

I was contacted by Alexandra to run the review and giveaway. I was sent a copy of the book free of charge and offered a copy to run the giveaway. The opinions are my own and i know not everyone will agree.
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  1. Just facebooked the competition - only 750 followers so will do it again next week!!

  2. Sounds like a good book. Nobody that I know of has gotten scammed.

  3. No one that I know of has been scamed