Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How was your Halloween?

We had a really exciting Halloween around here. This year was the first year that we all dressed up, that Dustin actually knew what Trick or Treating was, and Benjamin's second time going out with us.

At first I had a Karate Kid, a Rocker Chic, a Super Hero (super D), and a cute little Bam Bam.

The night before Halloween I was busy sewing. On Halloween we ended up with 2 Cowboys, a Cowgirl, a Karate Kid, a Rocker Chic, and a cute little Bam Bam.
Dustin switched from a Super Hero to a Cow Boy. He had gotten a real Cowboy Hat a few days earlier and was really into being a Cowboy, so we went with it.
Natalee wanted to be a Rock Star, I won this costume in an Auction (it came with a different shirt) and it fit perfect. Natalee was excited!
Blake had originally wanted to be something with a cape, we even purchased everything to make it, but he changed his mind and decided to be The Karate Kid.
Benjamin loves to drag around the bats, so The Hubbyman decided to dress him as Bam Bam. I actually made two Bam Bam costumes, as the first one didn't fit very well over clothes. lol
The Hubbyman! I made the vest the day before. lol
The 3 Cow People (as Dustin said) I think the costumes turned out Great!!

I had made all the Chaps and Vests and it was a lot of fun with all of us dressed up.
Today the older kids took about 5 lbs of candy total to school to donate to the troops. The school  together with the Dental Association is collecting candy to send to the Troops overseas. I think it is a wonderful program and being an Army Family the kids were excited to take some in.

Blake and Natalee's school is having a competition to go along with a big assembly coming up. The kids that bring in the most candy will be VIPs for the assembly, get a cool t-shirt, and be the only ones who are called upon to participate in the assembly. What an amazing opportunity for the kids!

So How did your Halloween go? Did everyone have fun? Did everyone stay safe?
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  1. New follower from MBC!

    Cute costumes! We ended staying in because our little one caught a cold but I am glad you enjoyed your halloween. :)