Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making Your Life Easy!!

With having such a big family or maybe a family size that is right in the middle, I have had to come up with different ideas to make my life easier. When our day is not going as planned it can cause chaos within the house.

Here are a few things that I do that help make our days easier:

1. Schedule- Sometimes I think I have a schedule for everything, but really I have 3. We have a house schedule which covers all the chores and all household items. We have a schedule for medicines which covers all the meds that each of us takes daily. The last schedule is the Doctor schedule which covers all appts.

2. Lists- I keep several lists through out the day/week/month these help me to get everything done. Every morning I look at the House schedule and write down the items that need to be completed that day, such as what laundry is to be done and what I am doing in each room.

3. Chore chart- This is not only for the kids as I have my own area on this chart. I write done what chores need to be done everyday like what family member's laundry gets done on what day and what rooms get vacuumed and on what day.

4. Meal Planning- We do not eat out very often, so this is very important to me. Some do Weekly plans or Monthly plans. I do bi weekly plans because we get paid every 2 weeks. I plan out breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day. I also try to include something yummy with every dinner.

5. Freezer Meals- Along with my meal planning I also have 2 days every month in which I cook meals to freeze. This makes it so easy to give my family great meals without making a huge mess of my Kitchen every day.

6. Organized Rooms- If you can keep certain areas of your home organized then it can make things very easy. Take for instance your kitchen. If you keep all your baking products together, your cooking products together, and your cleaning products together then you will always know when you are about to run out of something or what you have on hand when doing your meal planning.

7. Notebook with important paperwork- We are a Military family and we move around quite a bit so having all of the important items together is quite necessary. This can also help you. When it comes time to enroll your kids in school it makes things a lot more easier if all the paperwork is together in a folder. All you have to do is grab the folder the day of registration.

8. A Rainy Day Box- We all have those days and it doesn't have to be raining for us to want to have a little pick me up. Our rainy day box has items for the whole family including match box cars, trains, crayons, and coloring books. I also add books and new movies that i know the kids will love.

9. A craft box- This is a box that has everything to do any craft. We have paper, markers, beads, glue, feathers, and a ton of other things in our box. Every week the kids pick one day and together with as many of us that happen to be home that day sit down and craft up a storm. This brings us all together and makes it easier to know what is going on with everyone else.

10. Time for yourself- We often put ourselves last on the list. At least I know I do. To help me make my day a little easier I schedule time even if it is just 20 minutes as my mommy time. I usually blog during this time or listen to some music and just reflect on our day. It clears my head and makes it easier for me to want to wake up and do it all over again the following day.

What are some ways that you make your life easier? Let me know!! Hopefully my list will help give you some ideas that you don't already use.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love organization and it looks like you are th queen of organized! your home must run so smoothly! I hope you win!

  2. All great ideas! I really need to work on our organization over here.