Sunday, November 14, 2010

What a Week this has been!!

This is the never ending week!!  Some good times and some bad. Some happy while others were kind of sad.

First off on Monday after our amazing weekend of camping it is now official that 4 kids is our limit. Tuesday was Cub Scouts. Wednesday was quite a normal day. Thursday was a day off for everyone. I really can not thank all of those who have served in the the past, serve now, or will serve in the future. Friday was back to school for the kids and boy was it hard to get them to wake up. Saturday was a wonderful day of Welcoming home the last of the Hubbyman's past Soldiers from a year gone. After that Natalee had a Fun Day for Brownies. She had a bunch of fun and good thing too because last night she came down with the flu at 3AM. She is doing a little better today but still can not keep anything down. Tomorrow she will not be going to school.

On a happy note I made my 2 week list and went to Albertson's. If you spend $100 or more you can get a free turkey up to 15lbs. They also give military discounts, but because I was just over my $100 limit to get my 13 and 1/2 pound turkey for free I did not accept the discount today. If I would have my turkey would not have been free. Yup!! 2 weeks worth of groceries for $103.71. I am pretty proud of that.

Hopefully with one more day of rest Natalee can kick this stomach bug and she can return to school on Tuesday. We have all had a cold, but was really hoping no one would get any sicker than that. We have company coming from out of town next weekend so please pray that we get all healthy by then.

So that is the update. Tomorrow I will be posting a few reviews and giveaways. So keep on the look out!!

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