Monday, December 13, 2010

How do you decide?

Wow!! I have been looking online at houses for the last few days, ok weeks, maybe even months. LOL Since we are leaving the Military finding that perfect house has become my goal, maybe my new obsession. I don't have a lot of must haves and the Hubbyman only has a few, mainly a big garage to store big boy toys in. Oh and he would like a double sink in the master bath. lol Me on the other hand would like a nice kitchen since that is the one room that I LOVE to be in. I would also like to have a fireplace, why? well because we are moving from Texas to Michigan and I have been spoiled by the weather here. So I dream of all of us sitting around a nice fire. Ok, who am I kidding here. I would LOVE to sit in front of a fire staying warm and having 5 minutes of peace and the smell of a fire burning in a fireplace brings me peace.

The problem with having a fireplace is where these said fireplaces are located within the houses I have looked at. Do you choose to place your television in the wall above the fireplace and risk not only ending up with a stiff neck from constantly looking up or melting your television because I want a real wood burning fireplace?  I think I have found a solution! In all the houses that I have seen there is a corner of the room that would be perfect to place a television in. So I started looking for a corner tv stand Having one of these would totally fix my problem and give me the best of both worlds. I can sit in front of a fire watching my favorite show staying warm while all the white stuff falls down outside.

I love this one, but I think what I like about it which is the pull out drawers would be the one thing that just would not work with the little men of the house.
So I kept looking and found one that I liked equally well and have the ability to throw a lock on it so the little hands can't get to all the fun stuff.
I know I can't buy it just yet, mostly because I do not want to get my hopes up that this color will match the house, but I have it saved into my favorites so in a few months I will be able to hopefully find the house that this will match. After that I can order it and have my dream come true living room.

So how do you decide when dealing with such dilemmas?

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  1. Oh I love fireplaces and the "crackling" that they give. We have a "not real" fireplace but we buy the cans that have the crackling sounds, so I guess that is good enough for now but I think real firewood would be much cheaper! lol.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by Harvest For Tomorrow. I am your newest follower. And, in the few minutes that I posted my "idea", I thought about and will execute - lol - a blogging event as such called From My Home To Yours that will begin the end of January. Email me if you want to join in, as I will post details later tonight on my blog. Thanks for your input and I love the above pics!!!! Very nice!