Monday, January 10, 2011

Sensory Kids and IHOP Join Forces For a Fundraiser!!

Sensory Kids is doing a Fundraiser to raise money for the Sensory Gym and YOU can help by purchasing and/or selling $5 tickets for a Short Stack of Pancakes. IHOP in Las Cruces has GENEROUSLY donated up to 500 short stacks for Sensory Kids to raise money for the Sensory Gym. That's $2,500 we can use toward equipment IF we can sell all the tickets; but we NEED HELP to sell the tickets!

The tickets are available now and the best part is they can be redeemed ANY DAY IN JANUARY 2011 including today! These would be great gifts for employees, clients, or families as well!

 You may also call (575) 635-9481 to purchase tickets or for more information. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! Special thanks to Mike Tellez and IHOP in Las Cruces!

Having a Child with Autism I would LOVE to see a place where we can go that he will feel comfortable. I don't live in Las Cruces, NM But I live close enough. That is why I wrote this post to help get the word out about Sensory Kids and this amazing Fundraiser. If you are in the area and want to help by purchasing or selling some tickets, Please call the number listed above.

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