Sunday, January 2, 2011

The way meat is packaged...

Normally I am so on top of everything. I go to the store and as soon as I get home I am quickly separating the meat products and tossing them in the freezer. This weekend I was not so on top of it all. I just had to toss 8 lbs of ground beef into the trash instead of the freezer, why? Because apparently it would be too much to ask for the store to package the stuff so there are no little holes in the plastic.

It is moments like this that I can not wait to be able to go to a meat market, where they wrap the meat up in cute white paper. The difference is that they wrap it up the correct way! You can just come home from the meat market and toss everything in the freezer (no separating) AND if you do toss it in the fridge to use for dinner that night or the next, you will not have to empty your fridge, clean it all out, and put everything back in because of a hole in the packaging that caused nasty blood stuff to leak out all over.

Well so much for Lasagna tonight, I guess it will have to be steak soft tacos instead.

Do you ever get this? I think I might have to make a small complaint to the store, I don't know..


  1. WOW...and yes I have had something similar happen before. I would have marched the meat back to the store you purchased it from. Do they even have meat markets anymore anywhere!?

  2. I know that they do exist in Michigan. LOL And I so can not wait until we are back there! I did think about taking it back to the store, but at the time I just needed it out of my way so I could clean up the mess.