Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still House Hunting, well in a sense..

I keep getting sidetracked in my search for the perfect house. I am not getting sidetracked by normal things like the kids or you know house work. I am getting distracted by finding things I would want to change right away in the house on the screen. For instance have you ever really looked at the lighting options of your house? I have lived in houses in which there were no overhead lights, so we had to go out and buy lamps and I have lived in places that had tons of lighting options being used.

This house that I live in right now is that house, there are overhead lights attached to fans in almost every room, for the lights in the stairway we have wall sconces, which I personally LOVE because they are perfect and light up the stairway without being too bright. Some rooms have too many lights, but you can easily turn a few of the off. So while I am looking at all these different house I am looking for all the lighting options used. 

Sadly the Hubbyman is starting to think I am getting obsessed with details and thinks I should just be looking for a house that will fit us all in and we can add things in and take things out as needed. What do you think?  Do you look at all the different options when looking for a house or apartment?

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