Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tomorrow I will post a review but for today....

Have you ever felt like your life changed faster then you thought it would? I mean we knew what was coming for months, knew that the Hubbyman would be retired medically from the Army, knew we were heading back to MI, and just knew we would once again be by family.

Well we did just that, all those things listed above! I have also finished my Front Office Medical Assistant course through Military to Medicine, the Hubbyman has started his Pharmacy Tech program through Penn Foster, on July 25th he was retired from the Army, and now we can start the civilian life.

If you have made the switch from Military to civilian, What was your experience? Did you feel like you fit in? I have been feeling like I don't fit anywhere, like I no longer fit in with the Military crowd, but I also don't feel like I fit in with the Civilian crowd. Not to say that I have not tried. It is such a weird feeling to seem all alone even though you are surrounded by family and friends.

I have a lot more to say but for today, I will stop. I don't want this to become a long rant about feelings and such. I have had a few days that have not been great and I needed to get this out somewhere.

Thank You for reading and please if you have any encouragement for myself or for others who are going through the same thing, please leave a comment.

Coming up tomorrow is a review on a book and there will also be a giveaway to go with it!!

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