Thursday, September 8, 2011

5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son Review and Giveaway!

As the Mother of 3 boys and of coarse 1 princess when I was approached to review this book, I literally jumped at the chance! I am def. not disappointed with my choice. Vicki Courtney, who is the Author has an amazing writing style. Of coarse you would have to read the book to understand what I am talking about next, but maybe not..

One of my favorite chapters was when she wrote about the lack of Real Men in today's society. I am quite sure if you look around you will be able to tell the real from the not so much real ones. This is actually only the first chapter of the book in which she has entitled "The Wimpification of the Modern Male". She could not be any more right when it comes to this chapter. I was laughing, nodding, and agreeing out loud while reading this chapter, as well as the chapters that followed.

Now for the fun part! Who would like to own a copy of a book that you will not be able to put down? I can see a lot of hands stretched upward, so I better hurry to tell you what you need to do for your chance!

This is very simple! There are 2 chances, 1 mandatory and 1 for fun, both very easy!
Make sure you leave your email address in your comment so I can get in touch with you should you be the winner!

Mandatory: Tell me in a comment What conversation subject you feel is an important one to have with a child?

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On September 22nd at 11:00pm eastern time this giveaway will end and I will pick a winner!

I was sent this book for review from Tolly Moseley at PR by the book and I could not put it down. The author writes in such a way to keep the reader wanting to continue.


  1. I am a new mom to a boy...and I have so much to teach him but I think that the one conversation that i will have with him is teaching him how to be nice/respectful with others.
    I think that boys tend to be more aggressive and I want him to not bully around other kids because their difference etc.

  2. I have 2 boys and there is so much that we need to talk to them about. First and most important to our family is talking about salvation and God. Then I would say that we would need to talk about manners and respect. The lest thing I want to discuss is sex but I know it is coming time for that talk real soon.
    Children today have so much more to deal with than I did when I was their age. Thanks for this giveaway and the chance to enter it.

    Kimmie Barnes
    jakeremom--twitter and GFC

  3. I shared this giveaway on twitter!/jakeremom/status/116935883344711680

    Kimmie Barnes
    jakeremom--twitter and GFC