Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baseball Mom!

I have recently added this title to my list. My oldest is 10 and is finally playing baseball.
I will be honest and say that I do not make a very good baseball mom. I really thought I would be able to relax a little bit more with each game, but that is just not the case.
Take today's game for example:
I yelled to my son to pay attention, watch the ball, quit playing with the dirt, be ready, run, and a few other times I just yelled his name and pointed. I really need to work on this and try to just sit back and the coaches do what they need to. LOL
Out of the 5 games that his team has played, today's game was a good match up, well in the beginning, the end score was 19-9 with my son's team winning!

I have been learning a lot about little league. I think I am a quick study.
What I have learned:
Each team can get 3 outs or 5 runs per inning!
Sometimes there are some crazy calls: a ball that hits the child's helmet and then hits the bat is a strike, a ball that you could hit with a bat angled with a 90 degree angle is a strike, even though the child that is running home never touches the base or gets tagged, they are safe. These calls have gone on for both teams. At least no favoritism has been played.
All kids like to play in the dirt, getting a big cloud of dust to form around you and slowly move across the field is a BIG accomplishment!
If a child gets hit with the ball they get to take their base! Last week my son got hit.
It is okay to bring a barking little dog to your child's game. Not me but a few other parents have done this.

I have to admit that I really do LOVE watching my son out there on the field. I am so happy he finally is getting the chance to play.

Today I finally told the coach about my son's Aspergers. I told her he takes things very literally and if you want him to run as fast as he can to the base, just tell him and he will. I love that she listened to me, he was able to steal a few bases today as he has other days, but today he moved a little faster.

Hopefully I find my camera cord so I can share some wonderful pictures with all of you.

All in all, so far this season of Fall Ball has been fun, a great learning experience for both my son and both the Hubbyman and myself, and very interesting!

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