Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Skill!!

I am 33 years old and today I learned a new skill. My Mother In Law was my teacher and today she taught me how to can tomatoes..
I went and bought 2 bushels of tomatoes, 4 green peppers, 3 lbs of onions, 1 package of celery, and a box of coarse canning salt. Took it all over to her house today and we went to town..
We ended up with 16 quarts of tomatoes and 15 quarts of tomatoes with the other veggies mixed in.
I honestly can't believe how easy it was. I also can't believe I didn't learn this earlier, but I guess leaving away from family the last 10 years is most likely the reason.
I think I will be getting another couple bushels of tomatoes if I can find them and do some more up. It feels so good to now be able to provide this for my family. So empowering!

Do any of you can fruits or veggies? If so what?

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  1. Awesome! I do not can, but am always happy when my mother or grandmother give me stuff they have canned. Maybe I should try it sometime? :)

    Enjoy your weekend!