Thursday, February 2, 2012

That Moment....

I have been seeing a lot of status updates on facebook and elsewhere, that begin with this phrase. That Moment...
Today I have my on That Moment sentence!

That moment when you realize just exactly who your true friends are!!

That sentence right up there is completely true and I have had that moment very recently. Through my posts that will be coming in the days ahead, you will learn about everything and why that sentence above describes so many recent moments in my life.

It has been an amazing transition from Army life to civilian life, add in PTSD and you get a whole new crazy life. Good times, bad times, and crazy times. I feel as if I do not fit in anywhere. Crazy I know! Through everything that has happened and will happen, I have found that an old friend is truly one of my best friends. To me a true friend is one that you can pick up and catch up without missing a beat, even if you have not talked face to face in like 10 years or so.

Do you have a friend or friends like that? Have you had a That moment when.... moment? Tell me about it, you never know maybe there is a giveaway that goes along with this:)

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