Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Woo Hoo!!! and other fun updates

In the past couple of weeks I have won some cool giveaways and this for me is so exciting. I am one of those people, you know the ones that never win anything. I can no longer say that now can I? The fact is I love entering the giveaways, it is so much fun and also is a great way to find out about new products. I think I have found about 20 new places to do some christmas shopping at.

I have not neglected my weekly menu, just forgot to post it, nor have I neglected the count down to christmas challenge, you will see some posts coming up about both.

There will soon be a few changes around here as I will be adding some reviews and a few giveaways. I will be posting the first review on Friday. Sorry no giveaway with this first one, but I will say that this company graciously sent me an extra that I was able to donate to my son's ECI Program. Be sure to look out for the review!!

For now I will leave you with a recipe for the meal we are having for dinner tonight.

Chicken, Noodles, and White Sauce (My daughters name for it) AKA Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo
1 box of Fettuccine pasta
2-3 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 jar of Alfredo sauce
1 tablespoon oil
2 tablespoons butter
salt (as needed)
pepper (as needed)
Garlic powder (as needed)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
add oil and butter to baking dish
add chicken to baking dish (sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garlic powder if you want)
Bake chicken for 30 -45 minutes until done
While the chicken is baking, bring a medium-large saucepan of water to a boil
Once boiling add the pasta and cook as directed
When chicken is done, cut into bite size pieces
Drain pasta when done and pour pasta back into the pan
Add chicken and sauce to the pan with the pasta and stir to mix

Serve with a fresh salad and bread

I hope everyone enjoys their day today, I am off to finish up school with the kiddos, Break is over. lol

Monday, September 28, 2009


Time to get busy

Wow!! I don't think I have gotten a thing done today. Okay that is not entirely true since the kids did get school done, the toddler and baby have both taken a nap, and a few loads of laundry have gotten washed and dried. There is still so much on my list for today to get done. I make a list every morning, there is a feeling of accomplishment when I get to cross something off.

Things left on my list:
Bake 2 kinds of cookies
Living Room
Fold and put away clothes

I also have to write a couple articles and write up a post about the stroller-a-thon we attended over the weekend.

I am off to start the dishes.

I hope everyone is having a great day!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Coffee Time

Good Morning girls, first I need to say sorry for severely slacking this week with my blog. This week has been horribly busy. So lets do a recap, shall we. LOL

Monday was not too bad, I stuck to my menu plan, the kids went about their home school time without complaint, and we played outside for quite awhile.

Tuesday, this is where my week falls into the chaos category. My oldest started cub scouts and they had told us that the meeting which starts at 6:30 was going to be a potluck and the popcorn kick off time. So I took a pan of baked ziti out of the freezer to get it ready. We dropped 2 kids off with the my friend and off we went nice warm ready to eat pan of baked ziti and all. We get there and everything is going well, my husband takes the baked ziti in while I watched the oldest playing with the rest of the scouts. WooHoo time to go in and start the meeting!! We go in and someone talks, someone else talks, and wait for it, Yup a third person talks. Then we make flags, meanwhile my nice warm baked ziti is I am sure cold now. After making the flags someone talked about the popcorn sale (during this time, my husband went and removed the baked ziti from the table)and then says okay boys go ahead and get your snacks. That's right 2 hours later. My poor child had not eaten dinner yet and I just wasted a whole pan of yummy baked ziti, I was not thrilled to say the least. We left there and went to McDonalds, picked the other 2 kids, and went home.I forgot to mention that during this way too long meeting and my lack of eating at a normal time a nice migraine had started within my poor head.

Wednesday, I woke up in a great mood, probably still a little drugged up from my migraine pills, but Yay my head did not hurt. Once again the kids got through school time without fighting and complaint. Today was going to be a great day, that's what I kept telling myself all day. For dinner we were invited through my husbands work to go to Pizza Hut, I will be writing up a post all about This particular Pizza Hut, they are awesome. At pizza hut we have our first instance where my 2 year old just wanted to Get Out Of There, he was uncomfortable and there was just too much going on. First he hid his head in my lap, then he got on top of my lap, he was tapping on the table and would not eat. It was then that I remembered that I had thrown a train in the bag. Thank Goodness!! He spent the rest of the time still on my lap running his train back and forth and we did not have to leave. After we got home and got the kiddos to bed, my migraine once again reared its ugly head. I took my meds again and went to bed.

Thursday, was a strange day. My 2 year old woke up with a fever, so he received some meds. He had a fever off and on all day, but by bedtime he was back to normal. My head hurt all day, which is just not right, I usually get a migraine, take 1 pill, and then BAM!! headache gone for at least a few weeks. So for my head to still be hurting was bothering me. We did manage to get through school time and I did put the roast on for dinner. During my time at home with the kids my husband was giving people he works with the opportunity to support the local cub scouts and order some popcorn and boy did he ever. My sons goal was to fill one sheet (30 spaces) so he could get a cool tank patch, well his goal was met plus 5 spaces on the second sheet. To say the least he is beside himself with excitement and can not wait until next weeks meeting. Dinner was REALLY tasty and everyone went to bed without a fight. I took my meds again to try to beat this dumb headache and even got 3 articles written up for AC.

So that brings us to today Friday, Today I am cleaning house. I have laundry to fold and actually put away and I need to wipe everything down. The kids will be doing their school here in a bit and so far my head does not hurt.

This weekend we have the 5th annual Stoller-A-Thon with my 2 year old's ECI program. I just hope that he can relax a bit and have some fun. We have a 1 mile walk around a lake, games, and fun. I will let you all know how it went.

Sorry this coffee time was so long and if you actually read all the way through this, I Thank You.
I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

96 Days to Christmas

I am having a ton of fun with the Countdown to Christmas challenge over at 100daysto Today's challenge is to make a list. I have always had the older kids write a letter to Santa, never thought to have a separate list for each child and even one for my husband.

A List of Wishes

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If you want to join in the countdown to Christmas challenge, it is not too late. Head over to and join in the fun!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To-Do Tuesday

Last week I did get my list done. I was most excited about getting my son's room ready and organized for his therapys. Oh and getting the laundry folded and put away was a bonus. Laundry is just so never ending, so it is once again on my list for this week. I find numbering items very effective. lol

My To-Do List:

1. Laundry- a little different this week is that I want to keep up with it and not have any clean unfolded clothes sitting on my couch.

2. Stick with my menu plan for dinners.

3. Go through my kitchen and clean, organize, and wipe everything down, including scrubbing the floor.

4. Unpack a few more boxes and actually putting some items inside my dresser.

5. Getting through homeschool everyday with minimal tantrums.

That is about it for this week. Wish me luck, the only thing I am worried about is the kitchen. lol

I hope everyone gets to cross out and check off most if not all of their lists.

Our menu for the week

I know I am late on this, as it is already Wednesday. We have had a busy week so far.
Last week I did pretty good at sticking to my menu plan. I am very happy with how it went.
This week my menu is as follows:

Monday- We made Homemade Pizza. It was so yummy and the leftovers are gone already.

Tuesday- We actually went out. We went to the Hamburger Stand. It was our first time going there and was well worth it. Not only did we get 2 combo meals and 3 kid's sacks for under 18 dollars, but the food was really good.

Wednesday- We are having pancakes and sausage. This is always a fun and sticky time in our house.

Thursday- Baked Ziti, corn, and garlic bread.

Friday- Oven baked roast with potatoes and carrots

Saturday- Goulash, corn, and garlic bread

Sunday- Pork chops, potatoes, and green beans

I hope everyone has a great week.

100 Days until Christmas

Can you believe it? Today makes exactly 100 days until Christmas. Are you ready? I just joined an awesome challenge to be organized while getting ready for this upcoming holiday season. You too can join in this fun and exciting challenge. Head over to and sign up to participate in the countdown to Christmas challenge.

The first goal is to gather the items needed for a Holiday planner: a 3-ring binder, a hole puncher, a few tabbed dividers (preferable with pockets), and a zipper pocket to hold pens and odds-and-ends. A Holiday planner is a great place to keep all of your activities, recipes, schedules, ideas, and lists. This is sure to be very useful.

Each day at 100 Days to Christmas, you’ll be able to find tips, tricks, and reminders to get you planning and motivated for the holiday season.

This afternoon I will be going out to get my supplies to put my Holiday planner together. I used my last empty binder for my son, so I am off to get another one. lol

Friday, September 11, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

This week has been interesting. I have actually stuck to my menu plan so far, the kids have gotten their school work done every day (which is truly an amazing thing), I have a few more things to check off my to do list (a hundred things to add), but all in all this week has been somewhat peaceful.

This week we found out that my husband has been reassigned to a different unit here and that he now has a 2 year commitment to this new unit. So we are stuck here for 2 more years. I am trying to make the best of it and think of all the good things that staying here can lead us to. 1. The kids can be in cub scouts/daisy scouts without having to move in the middle. 2. We can see more of the El Paso area, such as museums and parks. 3. My 2 year old can finish with the ECI program that he is in.
Those are just a few of things that we now do because we will have time.

Today we are watching all the coverage of that morning just 8 short years ago. For me today just brings back those feelings that I felt that morning. For the kids, it is a chance to learn about the reasons why Daddy has been deployed 3 times and has spent so much away from them.

Next week we have therapy for my 2 year old and the goals of getting all school work done, going through a bunch of things to get ready for a garage sale, and to finally hang up items on the walls.

How Soon Some Forget

I remember that morning so vividly in my mind, as I am sure many of you do. I remember sitting there on the floor, my oldest (and only child at that time) in his bouncer, and feeding him his rice cereal. I remember giggling because he always made such a mess. This was our morning routine, Daddy was at work, Today's Show on the T.V., and breakfast time for baby boy. It all started out just the same as every morning before it.

Then it happened, now I had no idea what the World Trade Center was, all I know is that I just saw a plane hit the building. As I dropped little man's cereal off the spoon with my eyes focused on the T.V. a horrible feeling was rushing through my body. I quickly wiped off the now full tummy of little man and called my husband at work. As I was talking to him, I remember him saying things like "so, it must be an accident" But then still talking to him I watched the second plane hit. I remember saying out loud "Oh my GOSH another plane just hit the building". My husband quickly changed modes from just working at Car Quest to National Guard mode, as he said "I will call you back" and hung up.

By now I was hurrying around our house getting me dressed and getting little man into his car seat, Daddy worked just down the road, so we were going to him. As we walked in I remember saying "The pentagon just got hit". He was on the phone with the Armory and I was calling my Sis in Law. All I knew is they were stationed in New York and I had not a clue how far they really were from NYC.

After sitting for a bit with Daddy and watching T.V.(they had a little one hooked up in the office), little man and I left and were making our way to my parents house. All the sudden "Proud to be an American" played. With tears rolling down my face I sang it loudly in the car.

I remember telling my mom on our arrival that they are playing patriotic songs on the radio. I get why they were, but to me they should always play these songs and not just around the 4Th of July or when something like this happens.

I remember calling my husband once again to tell him about the plane that did not make it to it's destination. Probably saved a bunch of people, but still the passengers lost their lives.

The days that followed I remember just trying to keep those around me calm, continued with little man's routine, and thought a lot, probably too much. My husband went and worked at the Armory for a few weeks and time went on.

4 months later I was packing up my house and we were moving to Virginia. My husband was already there, this was the plan before September 11Th. We were now an Active Duty family. Years later and my family has been through 3 deployments and a few moves. We have added 3 children to our family and have just been trying to enjoy the lives we have. But I have never forgotten that day, those who lost their loved ones, and those left behind.

Today I am having a "How soon people forget day" It just seems like so many have forgotten. Maybe it is because we don't hear about it very much anymore or maybe we are all just remembering in our own way without a big to do. All I know is last night before bed as the news played I only saw of 3 events taking place around me.

Always Remember, Never Forget, Your World Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye.....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To-Do Tuesday

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

This is my first time doing to-do Tuesday. Want to join in on the fun, just check out . There you will find out just how to join in the fun.

Things I need to do this week:
LAUNDRY: Lots of it, okay maybe not that much, but I want to get all the bedding done (which should have been done on Monday). I also for some crazy reason, threw all of the clean and dry clothes onto my couch, so I want to fold and put all of that away.

KITCHEN COUNTER: We have this counter section that just pulls everything on top of it with it's gravitational pull. Well I am sick of it, so it needs to be cleared of clutter.

HOMESCHOOL BOOKSHELF: For some reason this bookshelf will not stay organized, so my goal is to make it organized and keep it that way.

2 YEAR OLD'S ROOM: Since he has therapy here at home, I need for this room to be clean and organized. That means I must go through everything and make sure the items needed for therapy are right there within reach.

Well that is my list for this week. We will see how it goes.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday


Okay this is my first time writing out my menu for Menu Plan Monday. I always have a menu though, so why not write it out. All weekend I have been filling my freezer with yumminess, so this week we can eat some of that.

Monday- Crockpot Ham and Greenbeans

Tuesday- Taco Night

Wednesday- Beef Fajitas

Thursday- Chicken breasts, Baked potatoes, and a veggie

Friday- Beef Enchiladas

Saturday- Baked Ziti, Garlic toast, and corn

Sunday- Chili and cornbread.

As you can see, we will not be going out to eat this week, infact with 4 kiddos, we really only go out to eat about once a month.

Friday, September 4, 2009

What is in my Freezer?!

So school has started in my house and even though we are a homeschooling family, I still like for breakfast and lunch to be quicker. So I went on a search for some recipe ideas and found an awesome blog. I not only found some great recipes, but also the knowledge about cooking for a whole month. has menus, recipes, and every detail needed to cook for the whole month. Now I am not there yet, but I did look through all the menus and choose a few things to make up and freeze.

So far I have 16 Hot Dog Croissants, 24 Corn Dog Muffins, and 5 dozen French Toast Sticks in which I found the recipes for from her blog in my freezer. I also have 5 containers of chili, a container of Taco meat, a dish of enchiladas and a dish of Baked Ziti from my own recipes in there. I have a few more items to add such as Blueberry Whole Wheat Waffles and Homemade Poptarts. Hopefully I can get those made up tomorrow at some point. After I get everything in my freezer, I will snap a picture.

I have had a load of fun cooking and baking. I find that I am most relaxed while creating yummyness in my kitchen. The kids have been watching and helping me with great anticipation, since I always let them taste when we get to the last batch of whatever we are cooking up.

So that is what is in my freezer!!!

Coffee Time!!

This is the first week that I am participating in the Company Girl Coffee over at You should really check it out, as it looks like so much fun. That is why after visiting over there I just had to join in the fun.

This past week has been really busy to say the least. We only have one vehicle right now, so the kids and I have been taking Daddy to work and picking him back up. I guess we could have just left him there forever and saved on gas, but I suppose we do like to have him at home sometimes.

My 2 year old starting his therapies this week. He had speech and OT through an Early Childhood Intervention Program. The best part is that they come right to the house!! Along with that fun stuff, my oldest two started back to homeschool on Monday. So far I am very happy with the materials I picked out. I still find it funny that the kids think they had a break from school when really they did workbooks and such all summer long. I am such a mean mommy that i never gave them a real break.

I started to fill our freezer with all kinds of yummy things, which i will write about later today. I will be happy when i get everything cooked and baked up.

Next week will be a week of, schooling, cleaning, and organizing around here, so I am sure I will have lots to blog about.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

RaisingMy4Sons: Smart Mom Jewelry Review & Giveaway!

You just have to go over and see just what Smart Mom Jewelry is and enter for your chance to win the giveaway.
Smart Mom Jewelry is a unique idea that actually gives your little ones something that they can play with and chew on without taking any of the style out of it.

RaisingMy4Sons: Smart Mom Jewelry Review & Giveaway!