Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some games will never get old..

There is a little girl that lives across the street and one day someone drew a hopscotch board for her. Just a few minutes ago as some kids were walking home from the nearby school they had come upon the hopscotch board. You guessed it they both stopped, one little boy and one little girl, one at a time they jumped along the hopscotch board. I could not help but let a smile come onto my face.

The moment was priceless...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy Week..

I have so much I want to get done this week. I know I can get it all done, but I had to take a break from writing my To Do list. Yes, the list is that long. Ha!!

Let's see what I need to catch you all up on..

I have told you all about my 3 year old getting his diagnoses. He is having more good days than bad and for that I feel blessed. I know not everyday will be a good one for him. He has some new things that he does, I may never get used to the not so good looks that he gets but I am getting better at ignoring them. To me he is just Dustin and so what if he feels the need to lay down on the ground because he likes the feel of the cement.

My oldest who is 9 has now been diagnosed with Aspergers. We are treating his anxiety as that is one of my main concerns. One thing I am working on for him is to get him into some therapy to help him learn how to have a conversation.

The princess of the family is doing pretty good> We have changed her ADHD meds and it seems to be the right mix for now.

The baby of the family is cutting teeth like crazy. LOL He went from having none to 7with in a month or so. He cut his 1st molar over the weekend and barely even showed any discomfort. But of coarse he is "Mr. Smiley" so even if he was in any pain he would just smile through it.

I think I will finally be able to catch up on all the reviews and giveaways I want to share within the next two weeks. The Hubby man finally was able to take leave. I have lots more to share with you all, so I will post through out the day and days ahead as not to bombard you all with too much at once.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We have a winner!!

I know I am late on this and for that I am so sorry.

The winner of my Betty Crocker Stirring Up Wishes giveaway is:
Lindsay who said I follow on Twitter - 89linz

She was the 5th comment and choose number 5 to win.

I will be emailing you shortly and you will have 48 hours to respond.

Congrats to Lindsay and thank you to all who entered!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Juppy® Baby Walker - Review!!

This is one of the items I have been wanting to let you all know about!! The Juppy is such a wonderful creation. Life just took over here so I made it a total to do to get this posted for you all today.

Before I get into the review of The Juppy let's look at how one usually helps a baby to learn to walk. Many of you probably have the classic baby walkers, the little push things that turn into a ride on toy, or neither of these items. If you have a classic walker then you have to be extremely careful where you use it. A classic baby walker can not be used around stairs and as I have found out they can tip over when a baby leans and reaches for things. If you have one of the toys, you again have to be very careful so that it does not flip towards the baby when they put their weight on the handle. Finally if you have neither than you are most likely bent over holding up your little one and as the day goes on your back starts to feel all the effort you are putting into helping your baby with an important milestone.

Okay with that out of the way let's get to the review.

The Juppy website has this to say:

Revolutionary New Training Aid!
The Juppy® is a recommended training aid for teaching your baby how to walk while saving the strain on your back.

*Help your baby walk sooner while minimizing dangerous falls.

*Easy to use anywhere - at the beach, the backyard, or the park.

*Suitable for boys and girls - One Size Fits All.

*Adjustable straps for the best fit and height of parent.

*Safe and comfortable design with zip-up front and padded vest.

*Made from high quality, durable fabric.

*Easy to clean - Machine Washable.

*Customize a Juppy with your baby's name!

What I have to say:
I do feel that The Juppy is a safer way to help your baby learn to walk. You have complete control of them, which means they can never fall down any stairs or accidentally tip themselves over.

You really can use The Juppy at any time and where ever you want. It came in a cute carrying bag that I can easily toss into the diaper bag or my purse.

The coloring can def. be used for either gender.

I do have a problem with the size. It states one size fits all, but I do feel for my child The Juppy is a little to tall (if that makes sense) If it were a little bit more below his armpits and his chin to me it would be more comfortable. That is really my only complaint.

You can follow The Juppy on Twitter

Follow on Face Book

You can purchase The Juppy for yourself or to give to a new baby in your life at The Juppy Website

The Juppy will now be my go to product for all the new babies that will be born into my family this year. My little man is still working on the walking bit, but he has gained so much more confidence with the help of The Juppy.

I was given the opportunity to review this product because of my membership at The Product Review Place

Thank You to Jeffrey Nash for allowing me to review The Juppy. I was sent The Juppy free of charge to do my review. The above opinions are my own and I know not everyone will agree with me.

What is going on here?!

Okay I will save you all from most of the Drama that has been my life for a few weeks now.

The big things that have been going on are:

1. Dustin after a lot of time passing received his diagnosis. He was diagnosed with moderate to severe Autism. I am very relieved with finally having a diagnosis. Now I can get things moving to be able to help him more than I could with out the diagnosis.

2. The baby boy of the family had surgery last week. He had a lump in his cheek that was growing and they said needed to be removed. Well after the surgery the Surgeon came out and said he did great and that he took the lump out in pieces. So he explained a little further and the lump that we were watching grow was just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. The actually lump was about 3 times the size of what we were seeing. He is doing great. My only complaint is that the purple marker used to mark the incision spot will not come off his face. lol

3. On Saturday I finally had a big birthday party to celebrate all 3 of my boys birthdays. I made them each a cake.
The now 9 year old wanted a Star Wars cake!

The now 3 year old got a Thomas cake!

For the baby I made a monkey cake!

The party went well, as for the cakes well The Thomas Cake was well guarded by the 3 year old. Yep, no one was allowed near it and than according to him Thomas knocked it down. LOL

Check back tomorrow for my review of The Juppy!!!