Friday, July 30, 2010

How did we get here?

When did many people lose that respect factor? When did people stop teaching the children compassion and respect?

Basic things:
Holding the door open for others
Helping someone who can not reach something in the store
Saying Please and Thank You

That list can go on and on.

Just last night as I was in Walmart (not my favorite place) there was an older Gentleman using one of those electric chair things with the basket attached. We were in the pop/soda area of the store. I watched as he looked around trying to decide what he wanted, I waited until he tried to maneuver the seat close to a section. I watched as about 15 people walked past and did nothing as I made my way over to him.

I asked him which one he wanted, picked it up, and placed it in the basket. The look in his eyes said it all, but he also spoke of a true Thank You. 

My Husband always says that I am living in the wrong time and I have to agree with him. I belong way back in the day. My 9 year old son has been taught to hold the door open for others, say excuse me, and many other things that show respect. My daughter is 7 and is learning those same things. 

When did this happen? Can we pin point it?  Better yet How did this happen? When did we lose sight of the respect factor?

Respect your elders, Treat others how you would want to be treated, and once again the list could on and on.

Again just last night as I was stopped in Walmart looking at something someone had come up behind me, I was not blocking the aisle, They mumbled something and darn near ran into me to go around me without saying a word. A simple excuse me and I would have tried to smash myself and my cart closer to the product I was looking at. I was quite upset because for 1 no "Excuse Me" came from them and 2 I was already off to the side.

One good thing did happen at my least favorite place last night. A little boy around 2 years old took my hand to show me what he was going to ask Santa for. A big power wheels police car! He was so excited and the look on his face was indeed priceless. He didn't come up to me out of no where as I was talking with his mother. Figured I better put that out there. LOL

Are you seeing what I am seeing?

Think about it!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

You want to know a secret?

Okay so this is not so secret to people that know me in real life, buuuuut 

I am a smoker and I want (read) NEED to quit. I have decided that this carton that is down from 10 packs to 9 will be it. 

Smoking is my stress relief, but I have been known to bake or cook and feel awesome after doing so. Hmm maybe that is my new stress relief.

I need advice, help, thoughts, and most likely a few prayers in order to make this happen.

I like to walk and run, you know in those runs like the Race For The Cure and the Autism run. Oh and the Wounded Warriors walk/run that I did a few months ago. So in order for me to do that successfully I NEED to quit, that is one of my goals.

So please give it to me. If you are an ex-smoker please share with me how you did it? If you are on this new journey, please tell me what you are doing?

To start I am making a list (I love lists) I will write down the time I last smoked and when I get the urge again, I will look at my list. I want to start off by making sure at least an hour has passed before the next what I call break time.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Last Night I Baked a Cake..

I made from scratch Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting to be exact.  It turned out so Yummy.
Hubbyman took a piece with him in his lunchbox. Around 10 this morning I received a phone call. It was a Soldier that works with my Husband. He was calling to ask how much I would charge to make him the exact same cake. Since I have everything here I said I would only charge him about 5 bucks. 

This is the recipe that I used, since it was so good I figured I would share.


1/2 cup butter

1 1/2 cups sugar

2 large eggs, beaten

2 cups flour, sifted

1/2 tsp. of salt

1/4 tsp. baking powder

1/2 cup milk

1/4 tsp. vanilla

3/4 tsp. baking soda (add to pureed bananas)

3 pureed bananas, very ripe

Cream Cheese Frosting:

1/2 stick butter, softened

8 oz. cream cheese, softened

1 box powdered sugar (1 lb.)

2 tsp. vanilla extract


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour a 9x13" baking pan or two 9" layer cake pans.

2. Cream butter, sugar and eggs. Sift flour several times, then add the salt and baking powder to the flour.

3. To the creamed butter mixture, add the milk and flour (alternating, beginning and ending with flour).

4. Add vanilla and mashed bananas (with the baking soda added to the bananas) to this mixture.

5. Bake layer cakes (9") for 25-30 minutes, oblong (9x13") for 35-40 minutes.

Frosting Directions:

1. Mix cream cheese and butter until smooth, add sugar and vanilla and blend well. Spread on cooled cake.

Sorry I don't have a picture to share, the cake went too quickly. I promise when I make it the next time I will indeed snap a few pics to share!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What I did today!!

Today we are heading down the street to a Birthday Party/ BBQ.  Two days ago I had asked what the little girl was in to and her Mom said Toy Story. So with that I set out getting ideas for her cake. I really wanted to try my hand using Fondant this time but the store that I went to did not have any on the shelf. I took that as a sign that for this cake Fondant would not be used. Ha Ha!! 

So I just wanted to share a few of the final pics of the cake. I hope she likes it!!

Thanks for looking!!
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And the WINNER is...

The giveaway for the Bella Sara Moonfairies cards ended tonight. There were 7 entries and chose #7 to be the winner.

The winner is:
Anonymous  who said My gand daughter would love these, her brother has pokemon, it would be great if she could have trading cards of her own. I learned that Bella Sara inspires and empowers children with positive messages and the magic of North of North.

The winner has 48 hours to contact me with shipping information.

Thank You all who entered!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Giveaway ending TONIGHT!!

Just a reminder that the Bella Sara Moonfairies giveaway ends tonight!!

So if you want to enter for your chance to win go Here

Thank You and I hope everyone is having a great day!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tommee Tippee Explora Feeding Review

As a reviewer for the Mom Bloggers Club I had the amazing opportunity to try out some Tommee Tippee Explora Toddler Feeding products.
I received 3 products which included:  1 Water Bottle, 1 Weaning Bowls and Lid with Spoon set, and 1 Easi-Mat free from Tommee Tippee in order to do a review during the Summer Tour!!

Having a 3 year old and a 1 year old in the house I have come accustom to seeing cups on their side, wiping up spills from leaky cups, and cleaning up the big messes from bowls being dumped and thrown on the floor. Tommee Tippee have come up with products to help with everything I just listed.

A little about the Explora Products:
Learning how to wean is an exciting time for children and parents as children experience new tastes
and textures, develop new skills and create new messes to clean. The Tommee Tippee Explora line of
BPA-free toddler drinking and feeding products is designed to take children from first sips and nibbles
to grown-up drinking and self-feeding by easing transitions along the way, while helping to reduce
stress and mess at mealtime.

The advance-flo™ valve used in Explora cups was designed by a physicist and requires almost no force
to drink from, yet still remains spill-proof and leak-proof. Explora cups ease the transition from bottle
or breast, because the suction required is basically equivalent to a bottle or breastfeeding. Each
Explora cup is progressively staged with a specific grip to fit little fingers and soft flexible spouts to
meet the needs of every age and support natural oral development.

Bright colors, appealing designs and coordinating mealtime products reflect the individual styles of
moms and their children while making drinking and eating fun. Parents appreciate the no-spill, noleak
designs and interchangeable tops that work across all Explora cups, making Explora products a
convenient and helpful choice for an important developmental stage.

The complete range of Explora products includes sippy cups, straw cups, water bottles, drinking cups,
independent meal sets, weaning bowls, food pots and utensils for children aged 6 months and

For more information on Tommee Tippee and its products, please visit, or
find us on Facebook and Twitter

As you can see in the first video Ben did what he always does and took the bowl and dumped it. For the first video I did not use the mat. You can also see the cup laying on it's side with no leaking observed. The only way to get it to leak was to really shake it and even with that only a few drops came out.

For the second video I added the mat. Ben really tried to dump the bowl, but he could not. I love that!! It was fun watching him try though.

I really like how the spoon connects to the lid. This works out great when we are out and about. No more digging for utensils that have made their way to the bottom of the bag.

Tommee Tippee is now available at Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us stores as well as online at

As I had told you in a previous post the deal going on until tonight is Buy any Explora item (cups and toddler feeding), get the second 50% off at
I received the products free from Tommee Tippee as I am a reviewer for the Mom Bloggers Club. All opinions are my own.

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And The Winner Is.....

The giveaway for the Balloonatiks DVD ended last night. There were 28 entries and chose #18 to be the winner.

Congrats to Linda  who said i learned that Sparky used to be known as Nicole Gonzales and that she loves animals and rescues strays all the time!!

I will be emailing the winner shortly and they will have 48 hours to reply.

Thank You to all who entered.

Don't forget to check out the other giveaways that are still open and enter for your chance to win.

Bella Sara Cards Ends 7/23

Brugo Mug Ends 8/2

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How do you help your child/ren have a Healthy, Safe, and Successful School Year?

TwitterMoms and Airwear have teamed up and asked What are your top ten tips for helping your child have a Healthy, safe, and Successful School Year?

Now my list will vary from those of you who have children in public or private schools as I home school, but I do many things to keep our school year running smoothly.

Here are my top ten tips:

1. Healthy Food - Just like children who leave the house for school, I offer healthy foods everyday for lunch. I also do healthy breakfasts and snacks. We limit sugar and my children don't get many of the artificial dyes, such as Red #40.  We make a monthly menu just like you would find in a public school.

2. First Aid Kit - During the summer months our First aid kit can lack on the essentials. Before we begin our year I always make sure to re-stock the first aid kit.

3. Smoke Detectors - For us this is done monthly, but we emphasize on checking them before the school year starts.

4. Eye Doctor - Since my 7 year old and I both wear glasses, this is done every year in August. My children do some of the school work needed on the computer. Unfortunately this will be done sooner this year as my daughter's glasses were broken.

5. Dentist - We treat this as a learning experience, not only does it help promote healthy teeth it will also help so no days are missed by appts. during our school time.

6. Running Shoes - making sure that each child has a great pair of gym time shoes is important. When I was growing up I used to go through about 3 pairs per school year, so I always start the kids off with a good pair that offers support and great traction.

7. Safe School Area - The kids and I always go through the school area of our home to make sure that everything is safe and sound. We check that the bookshelf is sturdy and we make sure the lap tops are in good working condition.

8. Supplies - Just like the list that many get before school starts, we also have a list like this. I like for everything to be well stocked. I go through the books and make sure we start out with everything needed for the first 3 months. This way no assignment will be passed over because we didn't have the needed supplies.

9. Safe Outside Area - As exercise is very important I know we need a safe area in our back yard  and on our street that the kids can go out and get the daily exercise that they need. We make sure the grass part of our yard is free from rocks. We make sure that all outside toys are easily accessible and we also make a plan in case of raining, too hot, or snowy days.

10. Clothing - This area is not as important as it would be if my children were going to what they call normal school, but we make sure that they each start off the school year with enough shorts, pants, short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, socks, and even the light Jacket, Winter jackets, gloves, and a hat to get them through the first half of the school year. This way they can also get the school clothes like others would, no one wants to feel left out because they are home schooled.

Now this is my top ten, you can also participate by writing an essay about your top ten, just go to to learn more about Airwear’s essay contest.

I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Airwear blogging program, making me eligible to get a $25 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, visit

Monday, July 19, 2010

Brugo Mugs!! Review and Giveaway!!

Do you have a favorite travel coffee mug? Well I have your new favorite right here and at the end of this post is your chance to win your very own.

Hubbyman was quite the skeptic when we first opened the box containing the Brugo mug He loved the color, but since it was not his "favorite" mug he was unsure about it.

To Hubbyman this whole new technology thing just doesn't click with him. He read the instructions and kept telling me that there is just no way this mug works the way it says. Ha Ha!!

Everything changed the following morning when I brewed his coffee and poured it into the Brugo mug He grabbed the cup and left. When he returned home after PT, he just kept repeating, "Honey, I did not burn my tongue this morning, Not one time!" Needless to say he quickly threw away the old mug and has used his new favorite Brugo mug everyday.

I am still trying to figure out why the Hubbyman was such a skeptic at first, maybe it was the tip and sip aspect, but that is his favorite thing about this mug now. He takes coffee with him every single morning and until now has burnt his mouth every single morning. A few weeks of using the Brugo mug and he still reminds me that he did not burn his mouth that day.

Receive 25% OFF when you purchase two or more mugs. AND, get Free STANDARD Shipping on all purchases of $50 or more.  Click  HERE to  learn more.

Now for the giveaway!!

Please leave your email address in your mandatory entry so I have a way to get ahold of you should you be the winner. This giveaway will end August 2nd.

Mandatory Entry: Head over to Brugo Store and let me know what your favorite style and color Brugo mug is your favorite.

Extra Entries:
1. Let me know what your favorite coffee is. Do you make at home? Do you get it to go from a shop?

2. Become a follower of my blog either through blogger or google friend connect. If you already are a follower just let me know in a comment.

Thats it, easy and simple!!

I was given a complimentary mug in order to do the review and given permission to offer a mug as a giveaway for my readers. No other compensation was offered or accepted. All above opinions are those of myself and my husband.

Just having a moment..

I try not to bring my frustrations to my blog, but this time I am sure many of you will understand.

My 7 year old daughter has a swollen lymph node, it has been swollen for almost 2 months and during the ultrasound we found it to be about 3 times the size it should be.

Natalee has been poked and had all kinds of tests ran with more to come.

Things we now know:

1. Her white cell count was a little elevated  but not enough that the Dr. would think would cause her lymph node to swell like it is.

2. She is borderline anemic.

3. Her red cells are tiny compared to what they should be.

We still have no idea why her lymph node is swelling like it is. We thought we would maybe finally get a few answers on Wednesday, but this morning her appt. was cancelled.

I did reschedule it but I feel so bad for her, she actually wished on a star last night with her wish being that she found out some answers on Wednesday, now I have to tell her it will be another week before we go to ENT.

Just keep her in your thoughts, she just wants to know why this is happening to her and why. I of coarse just want to take it all away for her.

Friday, July 16, 2010

And The Winner Is....

There were 21 entries into the Silly Mama Quilts giveaway. choose #11 as the winner!!

The winner is:
Tina Peterson who said:  Mandatory entry: I really like both of these and would put my GC toward one of them.

Fiesta Table Runner

Hello Spring Runner

Congrats to Tina, I will be emailing you shortly. Thank You to everyone who entered and don't forget I have 2 more giveaways going on right now.

Enter for your chance to win your own copy of the Balloonatiks children's DVD

Enter for your chance to win some Bella Sara trading cards

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting out of the Army? What should be on your list?

This is another post in a series that I am doing about the Army, more specifically about making the right decisions when you know your time with the Army is done. The first post is right here should you want to read it.

I am sure there have been a few times that each and every Soldier and most likely members of the Soldier's family have questioned if they should be done with the Army or not. I know in the Hubbyman's time in, we as a family have asked this question. We have always weighed the pros and cons at the time and made the decision as a family. Up until now there was never a question as the pros have always out weighed the cons. Now we have a new list as the Hubbyman along with us (his family) have decided we are just done. This is our list.

The List

1. How to get out? Since Hubbyman has some ongoing medical problems, we have a choice here. For many this question doesn't need to be answered. Many will choose to just reenlist or get out during the window that presents itself during that time. For my family we have to do the whole pros and cons of being med boarded, medically retired, or waiting 3 years for our window to either reenlist or get out to present itself.  For my family we will find out more about the options starting at the end of the month. I will post more about the options that we are given.

2. Where to go? As an Army family we have lived in a few different states, so this is where this question comes in. Do you go back to your home state? Do you stay where you are at now? Do you pick a state where you were once? Do you pick a totally new place?  For us after really thinking about it, we decided we will go back to our Home State, but we will be going North from the city that Hubbyman and I both grew up in.

3. Work? This is a big one!! I know as well as Hubbyman that one or both of us will have to have some sort of income. I have not worked since Hubbyman has been in, not really by choice, but because with 4 kids it would have been quite expensive to put them all in childcare. I have a plan of going back to a company I worked for in the past. I have already talked to them and so far it looks like a go even though we still don't have a time frame. The hubbyman has looked into a few things and we are still in the discussion process.

4. Housing? Since being in the Army we have always chosen to live in Military housing we have to make sure we now budget for housing and utilities. What have we done? Well we have been looking for houses in the area of our Home State that we have chosen to live. We have talked about stating the process to get pre-approved for a VA loan. With a VA loan you can get pre-approved for up to a certain amount, we feel that will help us find out a good price range that we should stick to. Of Coarse we already have a good price range as we know what we can and can not afford, but to narrow it a little would be helpful.

5. Medical Insurance? Many of you already know that once out of the Army the medical coverage for your family disappears rather quickly. So we have been looking into state insurance options for the kids including medicaid and like.

6. What appointments need to happen before? For my family we need to make sure that all medical and dental appointments happen before the Hubbyman walks away. I have made a list and started making appointments. Basically every single one of us will have a medical appointment, dental appointment, and any specialty appointments before the day comes when we leave. Making sure that everyone gets things taken care of before can give you a little breathing room during the move. Also you will want to make sure any and all prescriptions get filled right before your move, again giving you a little breathing room directly following the move.

I know you can think of more but right now that is what our list contains. I hope that sharing our list with you can help you make your own list and make sure things are taken care of before the new adventure takes place.
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Ozone Warning, Really?!

Seriously, it is no wonder that all my kids have allergies here living in El Paso, TX. Today the Hubbyman called me to tell me to keep the kidlets indoors because of an Ozone Warning he had saw.  So I had to look into it because i have never lived somewhere that had an actual Ozone Warning.

Well I went online and started looking, right away I found the AirNow site and sure enough there was an Ozone Warning set for El Paso, TX.

The actual warning is this: USG - Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups With the Health Message being: Active children and adults, and people with lung disease, such as asthma, should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion outdoors.

I know this should not surprise me, but for some reason it does. This is where the Army sent my family. This is where even the baby who is just over 1 has to be on allergy meds, can't go out when it is windy (which this year seems to be all the time), and developed RSV. This is the place that I have had more migraines since being here for almost 2 years then I had in the last 10 years.

It all makes a little more since now, but how horrible for the people that choose El Paso as a permanent home. I know that my family will be out of here as soon as we can, then maybe just maybe my kids can be healthy for a change.
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Giveaway ending TONIGHT!!

Don't forget to enter for your chance to win a $20 gift certificate to be used at Silly Mama Quilts. This giveaway has low entries, so your chances of winning are pretty good.

Just go HERE to enter!!

Good Luck and check back later today when I will be posting another review and giveaway..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sneak Peek!!!

I just wanted to share a little bit about a product I will soon be reviewing.

Now through July 23: Buy any Explora item (cups and toddler feeding), get the second 50% off at

You can find Tommee Tippee on Facebook and on Twitter!!

Keep on the look out for my hopefully video review of these wonderfully fun products!!

Gwen the Magic Nanny Game Review!!

Games that i can play on my computer are one of my favorite types of games, don't get me wrong I love the Wii and Nintendo DS, but I love the times when I can sit down in front of my computer and play a game. Sometimes I even play a game while procrastinating writing a post. LOL

Gwen The Magic Nanny is a great Time Management game. Gwen gets to work for many different families with goals to complete for each family. I love that there are 3 levels of play for each family and believe me these are no ordinary families, unless you would call robots and frogs ordinary.

The levels start off easily enough with the third level being quite the challenge, being honest here the frogs almost did me in. I got past that family after a few tries.

Guess who once again has taken over the game? Yup my 9 year old son. Gwen the Magic Nanny is one game that I don't mind him playing. I usually allow him to play for 15-20 minutes before we start our school day. Kind of like a warm up for his brain.

Game Info:
Our favorite nanny transports players to Fantasy Town where they are recruited to help Gwen put the children to bed and finish other tasks for each of the seven families. With residents like wizards, werewolves, and robots, it takes a real superstar to handle these jobs. Features of Gwen the Magic Nanny include:

Gwen the Magic Nanny [Game Download]· Magical powers to keep the household in tiptop shape

· Unlock able special items to help Gwen with her duties

· Unique tasks for each family member, even pets

Game info can be found at

You can buy your own copy of Gwen the Magic Nanny HERE for just $9.99

I was able to bring you this review because I am part of the the game review network I was given free access to the game in order to be able to write the review. No other compnsation was offered or accepted and all above opinions are my own.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bella Sara- Moonfairies!! Review and Giveaway!!

I am sure by now most of you have heard of Bella Sara cards!! If you remember from this post my daughter LOVES the cards. She is so excited to have trading cards of her own. Since my first review of these wonderful cards they have added a few new series. Sunflowers and now Moonfairies, I was sent one pack from each of the new series along with a package of the minis for my daughter to review.

Each pack of cards and each mini comes with a code. The code is used in the online game that you can play. Just today my daughter played on there for an hour before I realized that an hour had past. It was her reward for getting all her school work done. She loves to collect these beautiful cards and she loves that she has her own character within the game. I think she is more excited that Mommy can safely allow her to play this game without having to worry about who she is talking to or who can find out information about her.

You can buy the Moonfairies series now at many of your favorite stores including Target and Walmart. You can also purchase the cards and other merchandise at
Search for bella sara

Now for the giveaway, do you want your very own pack of Bella Sara cards?
This giveaway will run until July 23rd and please include your email address in your mandatory entry so I can get ahold of you should you be the winner.

Mandatory Entry: 
Tell me in a comment who you would be giving the cards to? If you want to keep them for yourself, that's ok, just let me know.

Extra Entries:
1. Head over to and have a look around, come back and tell me something you learned or found interesting.
2. Follow me on Blogger or Google friend Connect. (1 entry for each)
3. Follow me on Twitter (leave your twitter id)
4. Become a friend of my facebook page for my blog (leave your facebook name)
5. Blog about this post (leave the direct link in your comment) This is worth 5 entries so comment 5 times
6. Tweet about this post (leave the direct link in your comment) This is worth 3 entries so comment 3 times

I was sent a complimentary pack of the cards and the minis to review. No other compensation was offered or received. The above opinions are my own and I know not everyone will agree.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Are You Better Than Ever??

Even though I don't think I would have ever dreamed that this would be my life when I grew up, I have to say that I am loving my life and would never change anything about it.

TwitterMoms and Dove® gofresh have teamed up and asked How are you Better Than Ever?

I am pretty sure I could write a book on this subject. Ha Ha..

1. I am married to one of the most understanding men I have ever known. He is Soldier and I am his wife and together we have been through way to much to list. Through it all we have had each other's backs. He is about to change our lives once again within the next few years and I am ready for the new adventures that it will bring!

2. I have 4 of the most (if I do say so myself) amazing children. God has blessed me with a son that is full of surprises as well as autistic. I have one beautiful princess that has such dreams and my oldest son Oh the plans he comes up with.. The baby boy is always full of smiles and he brightens up every day.

3. I have been blessed with my very own Angel. His name is William and this coming December he would be 5. He was a fighter right until the end and I love him for giving me that time.

4. We are a loving and supporting family, I seriously would never want to change even the littlest piece of my life. But compared to 10 years ago when this adventure begin, I would say I am without a doubt at this moment in time Better Than Ever!!

Is your life better than ever? Share your now and then photos about what's "better than ever" on the Facebook Contest Page for a chance to win a spa weekend getaway in Sedona, AZ, and thousands of dollars worth of great prize packages from Dove® gofresh™!

Learn more about the Twittermoms and Dove Go Fresh discussion by going Here

I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Dove® gofresh™ blogging program, making me eligible to get a $25 gift card and some product. For more information on how you can participate, click here

Army VS Civilian Is there a difference?

What do you think? Is there a difference either BIG or small between Army (Military) and Civilian families?
You are probably wondering why I am asking this type of question, so I will just say that some big changes will be happening around this house and in order for things to go as smooth as possible the planning and preparing will start now.

This is the first in a series of posts that I will be doing on this subject or subjects related to this.  I hope to post a new post every Thursday.

The List:
The Job
The Marriage
The Children
The Health care
The Family
The Housing
The Pay
The Deployments
The Time apart from extended family
The Education

This is my list of the areas where I see the biggest difference between Military living and Civilian living.

If you have more please let me know in a comment also let me know your thoughts so I can include them in the posts to come.

Whether you are about to go from being a civilian family to a Military family or you are a Military family about to become a civilian family, I want to know what you think the differences are.

When I first remet my Husband he was in the National Guard, so even though he was Military he lived life as a Civilian with only having a little time away during training times. During our first year together it was decided that he would return to the Army, so when our oldest was 10 mths old we moved away from the city and state that we had always called home and started our Army adventure.

We were naive and just because we had that steady income we were quite stupid with the money. If I could go back I would have never agreed to buying a new car, the one we had just made the trip from Michigan to Virginia just fine. I would have also started with my freezer cooking and being thrifty like I am now.

In the present time we are at our 3rd Military post, have been through 3 deployments, numerous schools, field time, and all kinds of fun and not so fun things. Now we have some big decisions to make as a family and you will be there with us every step of this process.

Search for Army

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Glue Dots equal a fun Summer Bonding Project!!

Twittermoms and Glue Dots teamed up to offer a fun Summer Bonding project and contest. Before I decided to participate in this contest I had only heard about Glue Dots. Now I know what i was missing. Ha Ha! You can do pretty much anything with those cute little dots. Want to learn more about Glue Dots? Head over here and join the facebook page dedicated to the very useful glue dots!!

My family was sent a great selection of Glue dots to use on this project. I seriously do not know who had more fun, myself or the kids.  After much brainstorming of what type of project we wanted to do, the kids decided they wanted to make something they could hang on the wall in their rooms.

I had a bunch of fabric and found some cardboard, together using Glue Dots that was all we needed!! Amazing!!

The following pictures are what we came up with:
They had a blast and have already come up with about 20 more things that can make using Glue Dots.
Want to learn more about the Summer Bonding Project head over to the twittermoms discussion page.

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The Balloonatiks!!! Review and Giveaway!!

Fun and Entertaining!!!  That is how I would describe The Balloonatiks. Awesome!!! That is how my children would describe it.

I know we have watched this show about 100 times in the last 2 weeks. As soon as we received it in the mail the kids watched it 5 times in a row. LOL  I love that all the kids like The Balloonatiks, from the 1 year old all the way to the 9 year old. Maybe I love the No arguing over what we are going to watch as a family better.

The Balloonatiks is fun for the whole family!! My oldest 2 have already been adding to their Christmas lists from The Balloonatiks store area. Top item for both is the T-Shirt with the Superheros on the front. We have all enjoyed learning about The Balloonatiks and now thanks to the generosity of  Elliott Chang of S.S.A Public Relations, one of you can win your very own copy of The Balloonatiks!!

This giveaway will end on July 21st. Please make sure to leave your email address in the Mandatory entry so I have a way of getting in contact with you should you be the winner.

Mandatory Entry: Visit  Hot Air City and have a look around, come back and tell me what you learned about The Balloonatiks.

Extra Entries:
1. Follow The Balloonatiks on Twitter
2. Like The Balloonatiks on Facebook
3. Go to the Balloonalair in Hot Air City and tell who your favorite character is and why.
4. Follow my blog with blogger or google friend connect. (already a follower, that counts too, just let me know)
5.  Follow my blog on Facebook (Remember if you are already a friend, just let me know)
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I received a complimentary DVD to do the review, no other compensation was offered or accepting. The above opinions are my own and I know that not everyone will agree.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It is TOO HOT!!

Okay not really yet, but it will get there.. We got home from our mini vacation yesterday, last night we had the Ft. Bliss Fire Department here at the house, and right now I am waiting for Housing to get here to hopefully fix a problem.

I don't know about any of you but if someone called and said "well last night we had the FIRE DEPARTMENT here because we smelled something like an electrical fire and this morning when we woke up the circuit breaker for the a/c was flipped, we flipped it back and it switched again" would be a little bit more than well someone will be there at some point this afternoon.

This is how my conversation went with this lady who was answering the phones to put in a work order:

Her: Hello, How can I help you?
Me: Hopefully you can

Her: Well tell me what is going on
Me: well we had the fir department here last night for what smelled like an electrical fire
Her: You smelled rubber burning
Me: No like wires and stuff, you know electrical

Her: That was last night, what is the problem now
Me: The breaker for the a/c keeps switching.
Her: I will have someone come out and switch it back on for you
Me: No, We woke up this morning and it was switched, we flipped it back on, and it just went out again.
Her: You didn't call us this morning
Me: No because you would have just sent someone out here to flip it back on and we would still be having this conversation.

Her: So what is your main concern?
Me: We have no air and with having the fire department out here last night, it is a bit worrisome
Her: You have no power
Me. We have power, just no a/c

Her: okay I will hand this off to my supervisor and someone will be out there at some point this afternoon.

That conversation happened at 12:25p.m.

2 hours later I called back because well it is really hot inside I get the same girl.

Her: Hello, How can I help you?
Me: Well I called 2 hours ago and I was just wondering if you had a time frame that someone might be out here.
Her: I told you before 5
Me: No you did not, you said sometime this afternoon
Her: Well that means before 5
Me: well you would think because we had the fire dept. out here last night and the problems we are having now that this would be more of a priority considering how hot it is outside.

Her: well I will call the supervisor and try to get someone out there as soon as I can
Me: Thank You
Her: click (she hung up)

Well about an hour later someone came to save the day, sort of. He unhooked a couple things so that the a/c would stay running for a bit to help cool the house down a little. He changed out the filter even though it was not too bad. He decided that what we smelled was the motor that was stuck. He gave me his personal cell number and asked if I could check to make sure the compressor continued to run. I said Yes, and he will be back around 6pm to hopefully fix the problem.

I love that he is trying to help make me and the kids comfortable before completely tearing apart the unit. I love that he is willing to wait until after the sun goes behind the Mountain making it more tolerable to be working on that side of our house.

All in all I have found out that we have crappy people taking the work orders, but the people themselves that come out are pretty cool.

In the middle of writing this, the workers had showed up and tonight I hope that they will be able to fix the problem. Stay tuned for a review and giveaway to be posted and of coarse an update to this...
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Upcoming fun to my blog!!

I just wanted to write up a quick post to let you all know what was coming this week.
Children's DVD review and giveaway...
A book by Author Kelley Armstrong review and giveaway...
I will also be sharing a few posts about what me and my family did over the weekend!!

There may be more, I just have to look through some things and play catch up on my emails...

I hope everyone had as good of weekend as they could possibly have!!