Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Mile in His Shoes...

     As many of you know my 10 year old son has Aspergers, so anytime I hear of a television show or movie which involves someone with Aspergers, I do feel the need to watch it.

     About 2 weeks ago I found in my inbox an email from Michelle Sisco, She was letting me know about a movie that was to air called A Mile In His Shoes! I was offered the chance to have a review copy sent to me. I could not say No and just a few short days later I received it in my mailbox!

Below is a copy of the press release:
DEAN CAIN, LUKE SCHRODER AND GEORGE CANYON STAR IN THE GMC WORLD PREMIERE MOVIE A MILE IN HIS SHOES AIRING SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 AT 7 P.M. ET ON GMC TV Newcomer Schroder Stars Opposite Cain in His Debut Role as Autistic Baseball Player Mickey Tussler  Atlanta, GA (July 27, 2011) – GMC TV, America’s favorite channel for uplifting music and family entertainment, presents the GMC World Premiere Movie A Mile in His Shoes, starring Dean Cain and newcomer Luke Schroder in his debut role.  Country music singer George Canyon also stars.  The movie is directed by William Dear (Angels in the Outfield, Harry and the Hendersons).  A Mile in His Shoes will air on GMC TV on Sunday, September 25 at 7 p.m. ET.   Based on the critically-acclaimed book written by Frank Nappi, A Mile in His Shoes is the uplifting story of Mickey Tussler, a 17 year-old farm boy from Bargersville, Indiana with Asperger’s Syndrome and a killer fastball (Schroder), who is recruited by minor league manager Arthur “Murph” Murphy (Cain), to play for the Clayton River Rats, his struggling minor league baseball team.  Murph is convinced Mickey has a gift, but his autism keeps him isolated from a world he attempts to understand.  Caught between life at home with his overprotective father (Canyon) and life on the field, Mickey turns to his gift, the support of his teammates and Murph, who gives him the opportunity of a lifetime.  Murph learns a few life lessons himself along the way, which help him to make peace with his family.  “A Mile in His Shoes is a homerun for GMC,” said Brad Siegel, vice chairman, GMC.  “Not only will this movie resonate with anyone who loves a great baseball movie, it’s a heartwarming story that the entire family will enjoy watching together,” he said.  “The film is brilliantly acted by Dean Cain, who plays the man bold enough to take a chance on the underdog. Luke Schroder’s approach to the role of Mickey in his first leading role, is incredibly powerful. Under the direction of Bill Dear, they bring a dynamic to the screen that will win your heart,” he continued. A Mile in His Shoes takes place in Clayton, Ohio.  The movie was filmed on location in surrounding areas of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, including Langley, New Westminster and Queen’s Park.  The film is produced by Nasser Group North. The screenplay is written by Jason Koornick (Next), adapted from The Legend of Mickey Tussler, the critically acclaimed novel by Frank Nappi. About the CastDean Cain is most widely known for his role as Clark Kent/ Superman in the popular series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.  He was born in Mount Clemens, Michigan and grew up in Malibu, CA.  In high school, he excelled in sports.  He played for the Santa Monica High School baseball team and was offered athletic scholarships to 17 universities.  He attended Princeton University and upon graduating, signed on to play with the NFL Buffalo Bills.  After suffering a knee injury, he turned to acting. In 1998, Cain started the Angry Dragon Entertainment production company, which produced the TBS Superstation television series Ripley's Believe It or Not!. He has also starred in several films, including The Broken Hearts Club (2000), Out of Time (2003), Bailey's Billion$ (2004) and the made for television movie The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story. Cain made a return to the Superman franchise, with a special guest role in a seventh season episode of Smallville.  More recently, he starred in the GMC World Premiere Movie The Way Home.   George Canyon is a Country music singer.  He was the season 2 runner-up on Nashville Star, which led to a deal with Universal South Records and his debut album, One Good Friend.  He grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada.  When he was five, his parents built him a three-quarter-sized acoustic guitar and taught him the essential chords.  At age 14, he was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.  He serves as a spokesperson for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in Canada. He holds an appointment in the Canadian Forces as Honorary Colonel at 14 Wing Greenwood.   He lives in High River, Alberta.  Luke Schroder is the son of Ricky Schroder, the award-winning actor and film director whose long-running acting career includes major roles in the 1979 film The Champ, Silver Spoons, Lonesome Dove, NYPD Blue, and guest starring roles on Scrubs, Strong Medicine, 24 and No Ordinary Family. The GMC World Premiere Movie A MILE IN HIS SHOES marks his first leading role and acting debut.  Luke is the second of four children, born on August 1, 1993 to Andrea Bernard-Schroder and Ricky Schroder.  He lives in Malibu, CA with his parents and three siblings.   About the DirectorWilliam Dear is a film director, producer and screenwriter most widely known for directing Angels in the Outfield, If Looks Could Kill, Santa Who?, The Sandlot 3, The Perfect Game, Wild America, and the Academy Award winning film Harry and the Hendersons, which he directed, wrote and produced.  He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.   About GMCGMC ( is America’s favorite channel for uplifting music and family entertainment. The Parents Television Council™ recently awarded its Entertainment Seal of Approval™ to GMC for being “an authentic family-friendly cable network.” GMC is the only television network to receive the highly coveted honor in 2010.   GMC can be seen in nearly 48 million homes on various cable systems around the country, on DIRECTV on channel 338 and on Verizon FiOS on channel 224. Follow GMC TV on Facebook and Twitter at and @gmctv or

This show is one that will have you laughing, crying, and shaking your head in agreement.

I understand that this post is kind of late but for those of you in the Eastern Time Zone go ahead and change the TV channel to GMC and watch this show. You will not be disappointed, I promise!

For me this is a show hits very close to home, I could def. see my son within Schroder's character.

Thank You Michelle Sisco for giving me the opportunity to view this show previously to it being on TV.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Skill!!

I am 33 years old and today I learned a new skill. My Mother In Law was my teacher and today she taught me how to can tomatoes..
I went and bought 2 bushels of tomatoes, 4 green peppers, 3 lbs of onions, 1 package of celery, and a box of coarse canning salt. Took it all over to her house today and we went to town..
We ended up with 16 quarts of tomatoes and 15 quarts of tomatoes with the other veggies mixed in.
I honestly can't believe how easy it was. I also can't believe I didn't learn this earlier, but I guess leaving away from family the last 10 years is most likely the reason.
I think I will be getting another couple bushels of tomatoes if I can find them and do some more up. It feels so good to now be able to provide this for my family. So empowering!

Do any of you can fruits or veggies? If so what?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baseball Mom!

I have recently added this title to my list. My oldest is 10 and is finally playing baseball.
I will be honest and say that I do not make a very good baseball mom. I really thought I would be able to relax a little bit more with each game, but that is just not the case.
Take today's game for example:
I yelled to my son to pay attention, watch the ball, quit playing with the dirt, be ready, run, and a few other times I just yelled his name and pointed. I really need to work on this and try to just sit back and the coaches do what they need to. LOL
Out of the 5 games that his team has played, today's game was a good match up, well in the beginning, the end score was 19-9 with my son's team winning!

I have been learning a lot about little league. I think I am a quick study.
What I have learned:
Each team can get 3 outs or 5 runs per inning!
Sometimes there are some crazy calls: a ball that hits the child's helmet and then hits the bat is a strike, a ball that you could hit with a bat angled with a 90 degree angle is a strike, even though the child that is running home never touches the base or gets tagged, they are safe. These calls have gone on for both teams. At least no favoritism has been played.
All kids like to play in the dirt, getting a big cloud of dust to form around you and slowly move across the field is a BIG accomplishment!
If a child gets hit with the ball they get to take their base! Last week my son got hit.
It is okay to bring a barking little dog to your child's game. Not me but a few other parents have done this.

I have to admit that I really do LOVE watching my son out there on the field. I am so happy he finally is getting the chance to play.

Today I finally told the coach about my son's Aspergers. I told her he takes things very literally and if you want him to run as fast as he can to the base, just tell him and he will. I love that she listened to me, he was able to steal a few bases today as he has other days, but today he moved a little faster.

Hopefully I find my camera cord so I can share some wonderful pictures with all of you.

All in all, so far this season of Fall Ball has been fun, a great learning experience for both my son and both the Hubbyman and myself, and very interesting!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son Review and Giveaway!

As the Mother of 3 boys and of coarse 1 princess when I was approached to review this book, I literally jumped at the chance! I am def. not disappointed with my choice. Vicki Courtney, who is the Author has an amazing writing style. Of coarse you would have to read the book to understand what I am talking about next, but maybe not..

One of my favorite chapters was when she wrote about the lack of Real Men in today's society. I am quite sure if you look around you will be able to tell the real from the not so much real ones. This is actually only the first chapter of the book in which she has entitled "The Wimpification of the Modern Male". She could not be any more right when it comes to this chapter. I was laughing, nodding, and agreeing out loud while reading this chapter, as well as the chapters that followed.

Now for the fun part! Who would like to own a copy of a book that you will not be able to put down? I can see a lot of hands stretched upward, so I better hurry to tell you what you need to do for your chance!

This is very simple! There are 2 chances, 1 mandatory and 1 for fun, both very easy!
Make sure you leave your email address in your comment so I can get in touch with you should you be the winner!

Mandatory: Tell me in a comment What conversation subject you feel is an important one to have with a child?

Extra: Share this giveaway and leave the link!!

On September 22nd at 11:00pm eastern time this giveaway will end and I will pick a winner!

I was sent this book for review from Tolly Moseley at PR by the book and I could not put it down. The author writes in such a way to keep the reader wanting to continue.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tomorrow I will post a review but for today....

Have you ever felt like your life changed faster then you thought it would? I mean we knew what was coming for months, knew that the Hubbyman would be retired medically from the Army, knew we were heading back to MI, and just knew we would once again be by family.

Well we did just that, all those things listed above! I have also finished my Front Office Medical Assistant course through Military to Medicine, the Hubbyman has started his Pharmacy Tech program through Penn Foster, on July 25th he was retired from the Army, and now we can start the civilian life.

If you have made the switch from Military to civilian, What was your experience? Did you feel like you fit in? I have been feeling like I don't fit anywhere, like I no longer fit in with the Military crowd, but I also don't feel like I fit in with the Civilian crowd. Not to say that I have not tried. It is such a weird feeling to seem all alone even though you are surrounded by family and friends.

I have a lot more to say but for today, I will stop. I don't want this to become a long rant about feelings and such. I have had a few days that have not been great and I needed to get this out somewhere.

Thank You for reading and please if you have any encouragement for myself or for others who are going through the same thing, please leave a comment.

Coming up tomorrow is a review on a book and there will also be a giveaway to go with it!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Did you miss me?

I am BACK!! Things have been quite different since we moved away from an Army Post, but we are now settled in Michigan. I now have the time to get this blog rolling again. I have missed it so much and have so many posts that I want to write up so I can tell you all about our adventures as we left El Paso, TX and traveled to MI.

So Monday I will start off with a review of a wonderful book and just keep going from there.

Until then, Keep aiming for your dreams...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Name!!!!

Well since my time as an Army Wife is coming to an end I decided it was time to change the name of my blog. One of my friends calls our house a house of Chaos, so I took that and made up the name.

I have a few things to do today, but I will be back tonight to post up a giveaway and an update. Lots of craziness happening around here.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coming Home on Lifetime! Interview with Matt Rogers!

I am sure many of you have watched this show and I know some of you can not watch it but have been DVRing it because it hits too close to home at the moment. This weekend when it comes on you will want the kleenex handy, it is for sure going to be a tear jerker.

Today I had the amazing opportunity to interview Matt Rogers, who is the Host of Coming Home. First I need to say that he is so down to earth and I can't believe I was so nervous right before my phone rang.  I also have to tell you all about the hour leading up to the time in which he was going to call. Don't worry you will get a laugh out of it.

2:00pm mtn time: Got to my 3 year old's Neuro Feedback appt. Which of coarse started late by 15 minutes. This started the freaking out on my part. lol

2:45pm mtn time: We rush out of his appt. Jump in the Durango and start heading home. I look down and realize I am almost out of gas. I kept thinking Please just get me to the gas station.

2:55pm mtn time: Get to the gas station and go in to prepay, ALL I kept thinking at this point is hurry up people you have no idea who is suppose to call me at 3:00 pm mtn time. LOL

3:00pm mtn time: I am pumping gas, staring at my phone and telling it to please not ring until I get home. LOL I am sure I looked like a complete fool.

3:10pm mtn time: We are home, I get Dustin into the house, and go into the garage where it is quiet. Look at my phone to make sure I have signal and start waiting. Thanking my phone for not ringing earlier.

Right at about 3:14 mtn time, my phone rang and it was Life Time, the women apologized for being late and asked if I still wanted to speak to Matt. Well DUH!! of coarse I did!!

We started out by talking about my blog and why I had chosen the name. Matt found it interesting because he understands that one is never "JUST" an Army Wife. I was quite happy that he understood the meaning behind it.

I asked Matt 4 questions. I didn't want to take up too much of his time and was very grateful to be interviewing him at all.

Question #1
How do they pick the post, unit, and people for the show?

Matt's Answer:
"The producers send out an email to a Public Affairs Officer/Office (PAO) After that they wait for Soldiers to respond and then they choose from those emails."
Matt said there is another way to send in your story. You can go to and click on Participate. There you will find all the instructions on how to get your story to them. If you have home video from a homecoming they would love to get those sent in also.

Question #2
How do you keep the tears in so well?

Matt's Answer:
"I don't!"
Most of the time he finds himself bawling like a baby, making sure his wife (who does his hair and make-up) has plenty to do between takes. He also said that they edit out a lot of the moments when he is crying.

Question #3
What made you choose to host this show?

Matt's Answer:
"It was a no-brainer!"
He said that this show is who he is, coming from a family where many have served from WWI to Operation Iraqi Freedom and everything in between. When he was approached to Host Coming Home it felt like a blessing and one who could never turn down.

Question #4
After witnessing these homecomings does it make you look at your own family in a different light?

Matt's Answer:
He has a 3 year old and a 5 year old. He has found that the fuse for his patience and understanding has indeed gotten longer. He no longer can take the little things for granted.
This whole experience for him has been humbling.

A Little more information about Matt Rogers:
Born in Arcadia, CA, Matt Rogers was a business communications major at the University of Washington where he played college football as an offensive lineman for their 2001 Rose Bowl championship team.

Once a mortgage broker, Rogers pursued a career in television after appearing as one of the Top 12 finalists on the third season of American Idol. He most recently hosted the CBS series There Goes the Neighborhood and Really Big Things for the Discovery Channel. Before that, Rogers was a co-host for American Idol Extra on Fox Reality Channel, and worked as a correspondent on several entertainment and sports shows including Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Turner Sports College Football, Best Damn Sports Show and the TV Guide Network. Rogers also works regularly for Fox as a correspondent on American Idol for their finale telecasts.

In his spare time, Rogers enjoys playing poker and fishing with his dad. He lives in Rancho Cucamonga with his wife and their two sons, Brayden and Mason.

Don't forget to tune in to Coming Home on Lifetime at 10pm/9c on Sunday evenings!

Thank You to Michelle Sisco for your help in setting this interview up. Thank You to Lifetime Television and most of all Thank You to Matt Rogers for taking the time to talk with me.

Still House Hunting, well in a sense..

I keep getting sidetracked in my search for the perfect house. I am not getting sidetracked by normal things like the kids or you know house work. I am getting distracted by finding things I would want to change right away in the house on the screen. For instance have you ever really looked at the lighting options of your house? I have lived in houses in which there were no overhead lights, so we had to go out and buy lamps and I have lived in places that had tons of lighting options being used.

This house that I live in right now is that house, there are overhead lights attached to fans in almost every room, for the lights in the stairway we have wall sconces, which I personally LOVE because they are perfect and light up the stairway without being too bright. Some rooms have too many lights, but you can easily turn a few of the off. So while I am looking at all these different house I am looking for all the lighting options used. 

Sadly the Hubbyman is starting to think I am getting obsessed with details and thinks I should just be looking for a house that will fit us all in and we can add things in and take things out as needed. What do you think?  Do you look at all the different options when looking for a house or apartment?

Monday, March 21, 2011

PT, OT, Speech!! What else?!

Oh yeah let me add to that Ophthalmologist, Gastroenterologist, Developmental Ped, and Geneticist. All for my 3 year old child. That is what I have been up to lately and what has kept me away for a little while. I had to get a schedule going for him before I could really sit done and get caught up with posts.

Finally a year after his diagnosis and almost a year after his time with ECI had ended, we are finally back into the groove of therapies and help.

As most of you know I have been taking courses through Military to Medicine, I am so proud of what I have accomplished so far, passing my Medical Terminology course with an A, maybe shocked is more like it. LOL I now have a little break and then I start a 16 week course to which after that I will be done.

The break is really nice because I am getting things done around the house between My 3 year old's therapies. We still have to try and fit in ABA Therapy in and I am confident we can start really soon.

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that I some posts coming up some for giveaways, some for information, and yet some more to go into more detail about what is happening in the Howard House of Chaos, by the way that will be the new name of my blog by the end of the year!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Just Amazing..

I had plans to write up a few posts today, but they are going to have to wait because right now I can not do anything but pray for all those affected by the Earthquake and Tsunami. I can not imagine how they feel or what they are all going through.

It is simply heartbreaking.... Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers as they try to recover from the devastation..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Saving a School from being closed...

Have you ever had that I think it may be too late feeling? That is the feeling I have right now. The school my children go to has been on the list to be closed due to budget cuts. Last year 2 schools in our district were each given a list of ways to improve and right now I am wondering why ? because to me the school district was giving false hope to both of the schools, both of these families. Both schools met almost every single one of these so called goals if not surpassed them. Both schools were told over the weekend that in a few days there will be a vote to approve the closure of each school.

On Monday there was an emergency parent meeting after school where we were told of the meeting. I got up and spoke in front of a cafeteria full of parents, students, and staff to tell my story and why I feel this school should not be closed. I was on the local news along with my daughter. Today I picked up the local paper where part of my statement was printed along with my son who talked with them.

Tonight My son and I went to the School Board meeting where this For or Opposed vote was suppose to take place. We left with more questions then answers. The School Board could not make a decision and a motion was put through to take a second look and see if there are any other ways to cut the budget besides the closing of 2 schools. There are no new goals more like a wait and see kind of thing.

Why are these 2 schools on the list? I know many of you are wondering this. Both of the schools are small schools with about a 15 to 1 ratio. That is 15 students to 1 teacher. Less than 300 students to the whole school. My children's school is an exemplary school which is the highest a school can be rated within Texas. This is what I don't understand, why is school that thrives on the education of children and is doing very well I might add on the list to be closed? Instead of expanding the attendance zones or looking for many other ways to cut this budget, they would rather shuffle the kids to other schools  in the area  that are already full. Are you as confused as I am about why these 2 schools are on this list? Seems to me that the district needs these 2 schools so no school gets too full.

Students will go from a family friendly school with wonderful teachers, a small school that for many they are able to walk to, to a huge school where they will have to fight for any help, a school that is already full, a school that many will still have to walk to, but will have to cross dangerous intersections to get to and sometimes walking about 3 times as far just to get there.

My children go to this school because of the Bullying and death threats at the other school. These things are not tolerated by this school. I worried everyday for my children's safety while they were at the school 5 minutes away, but now I drive them 15 minutes away and can relax all day.  It is almost like they are in a sense bullying the little guys with the excuse being the budget.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Working Class!

Country Music Television (CMT) is premiering their very first scripted sitcom "Working Class"starring TV veteran Melissa Peterman ("Reba") and Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor Ed Asner on January 28 at 8pm EST/PST, followed by a second, all-new episode at 8:30pm.


"Working Class" follows Carli Mitchell (Melissa Peterman), a single mom from a rough and tumble background, trying to give her three kids a better life by moving them to an upscale suburb. She quickly finds that making the transition to “the good life” is harder than she thought.

She's unwittingly befriended by her cranky neighbor, Hank (Ed Asner), her only “career” prospect is a glorified deli job at the local grocery store, and the man she falls for not only already has a girlfriend – but he’s also her boss, Rob (Patrick Fabian). With her ladies-man brother, Nick (Steve Kazee), to help her out (when he’s not acting like one of the kids himself), Carli faces the challenges of parenting, dating, and making friends in her new community by doing more with less, staying true to herself and approaching each day with a touch of working class.

Thanks to The One2One Network, I was able to watch the first episode of Working Class before it is on CMT. Honestly for the first episode it kept my interest enough to want to watch some more. I had a few favorite scenes,  which if I told you all it would give it away. So what I will do is after the first episode premiers on CMT, I will write a blog post and let everyone tell me any favorite scenes from the show.

Because of my relationship with the one2one network, I was given access to the first episode of Working Class. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for writing this review.
This post  does enter me into a contest.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Box Tops For Education!!

How fun is that video to watch ?!? I can only imagine just how much fun it was to make. I love the fact that they use a band because honestly my favorite part of a parade are the High School Bands. I don't know why but I have always LOVED watching and listening to them.

More Information about Box Tops for education:
Box Tops for Education was created by General Mills in 1996 as an easy way to help make a difference for kids and schools. Since then, schools have earned more than $375 million through the program to help get the things they need-from books and school supplies to playground equipment and computers. Help make a difference in schools by clipping Box Tops from more than 240 brands, including Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Hamburger Helper, Kleenex, Ziploc, Hefty, Juicy Juice, Avery, Welch´s, Land O´Lakes and Brita. Find out how much your school has earned and learn other ways to earn cash for your school at

This program is amazing and so very easy to participate in. When you go to the store and do your shopping you will see some products that have the cute Box Tops For Education symbol on it. When you buy that product and take it home, you can cut out that symbol and have your children take it to school. It will then be added to the container they are using to hold all of them. That's it!! It is as simple as that.

You can follow Box Tops For Education on Facebook or Twitter

Do you collect the Box Tops? Does your local school accept the Box Tops?  Please let me know your experience with this program.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!!

Now I have always bought at least 5 boxes of cookies from one Scout or another, but this year things are different. This year I will be getting them from my little Brownie Scout. I can already say that I feel for all Scout parents during this time. This is crazy just how popular these cookies are and I thought the Popcorn sale for Cub Scouts was crazy. 

We picked up the forms last night and already have 40 boxes on the list to pick up. 4 of the orders came in a comment on my status on facebook and the other 3 orders came from Hubbyman's work. I may never want to see a cookie after this sale. LOL

There are some changes that you need to know about to ensure you get the correct cookie when ordering from a local Girl Scout:

Trefoils are now called Shortbread
Tagalongs are now called Peanut Butter Patties
Samoas (I think) are now called Caramel deLites
Do-Si-Does are now called Peanut Butter Sandwich

There is a new cookie this year called Shout Outs, this one is described as Light and crisp, these Belgian-style caramelized cookies are a sensibly sweet treat!!

Also the Thanks-A-Lot cookies come in new packaging and because of that they are reducing waste.

In our are area we offer 8 flavors: Thanks-A-Lot, Shout Outs!, Lemonades, Shortbread, Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Caramel deLites, and Peanut Butter Sandwich.

So be on the look out for your local Girl Scouts to get your cookies!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Carpet and Laminate and Hard Wood Oh My!!

As you can tell from the title, I am once again looking at houses. I have about 10 on my short list, but will not make any real decisions until we know a better time frame on our move.

Each of these houses would be perfect for our family, so I can tell already just how hard making the final decision will be.

So Let's talk about flooring options. Do you have a favorite or Do you like a mix of flooring in your house? Personally I really LOVE the look of a dark Hard Wood, however I really want carpeting at least in the bedrooms. There is just something about waking up and placing your bare feet down on something nice and cold that does not appeal to me. Unfortunately, Due to some allergy issues my carpet option may have to be out of the question. :(

But fear not, I have started looking at modern rugs and have found some that could work to give me the best of both worlds. We already have a few themes in mind when it comes to decorating the Kids Rooms. We have not been able to really paint or decorate while living in Military Housing, so we are really excited about being able to.

My Daughter wants Zebra Print and Bright Pink, so black, white, and pink it will be. I found the perfect rug for her room within all the wonderful shops at CSN Stores.

Is that not just perfect for the theme she has picked!?!

If someone would have told me last year that I would be obsessed with house related things now, I would have thought they were out of their minds, but look at me now. LOL I am having a blast looking at all the wonderful items you can get to make up your perfect room, no matter which room it is!!

What kind of flooring is your favorite? Do you use rugs in your house? Let me know!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sensory Kids and IHOP Join Forces For a Fundraiser!!

Sensory Kids is doing a Fundraiser to raise money for the Sensory Gym and YOU can help by purchasing and/or selling $5 tickets for a Short Stack of Pancakes. IHOP in Las Cruces has GENEROUSLY donated up to 500 short stacks for Sensory Kids to raise money for the Sensory Gym. That's $2,500 we can use toward equipment IF we can sell all the tickets; but we NEED HELP to sell the tickets!

The tickets are available now and the best part is they can be redeemed ANY DAY IN JANUARY 2011 including today! These would be great gifts for employees, clients, or families as well!

 You may also call (575) 635-9481 to purchase tickets or for more information. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! Special thanks to Mike Tellez and IHOP in Las Cruces!

Having a Child with Autism I would LOVE to see a place where we can go that he will feel comfortable. I don't live in Las Cruces, NM But I live close enough. That is why I wrote this post to help get the word out about Sensory Kids and this amazing Fundraiser. If you are in the area and want to help by purchasing or selling some tickets, Please call the number listed above.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The way meat is packaged...

Normally I am so on top of everything. I go to the store and as soon as I get home I am quickly separating the meat products and tossing them in the freezer. This weekend I was not so on top of it all. I just had to toss 8 lbs of ground beef into the trash instead of the freezer, why? Because apparently it would be too much to ask for the store to package the stuff so there are no little holes in the plastic.

It is moments like this that I can not wait to be able to go to a meat market, where they wrap the meat up in cute white paper. The difference is that they wrap it up the correct way! You can just come home from the meat market and toss everything in the freezer (no separating) AND if you do toss it in the fridge to use for dinner that night or the next, you will not have to empty your fridge, clean it all out, and put everything back in because of a hole in the packaging that caused nasty blood stuff to leak out all over.

Well so much for Lasagna tonight, I guess it will have to be steak soft tacos instead.

Do you ever get this? I think I might have to make a small complaint to the store, I don't know..