Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Saving a School from being closed...

Have you ever had that I think it may be too late feeling? That is the feeling I have right now. The school my children go to has been on the list to be closed due to budget cuts. Last year 2 schools in our district were each given a list of ways to improve and right now I am wondering why ? because to me the school district was giving false hope to both of the schools, both of these families. Both schools met almost every single one of these so called goals if not surpassed them. Both schools were told over the weekend that in a few days there will be a vote to approve the closure of each school.

On Monday there was an emergency parent meeting after school where we were told of the meeting. I got up and spoke in front of a cafeteria full of parents, students, and staff to tell my story and why I feel this school should not be closed. I was on the local news along with my daughter. Today I picked up the local paper where part of my statement was printed along with my son who talked with them.

Tonight My son and I went to the School Board meeting where this For or Opposed vote was suppose to take place. We left with more questions then answers. The School Board could not make a decision and a motion was put through to take a second look and see if there are any other ways to cut the budget besides the closing of 2 schools. There are no new goals more like a wait and see kind of thing.

Why are these 2 schools on the list? I know many of you are wondering this. Both of the schools are small schools with about a 15 to 1 ratio. That is 15 students to 1 teacher. Less than 300 students to the whole school. My children's school is an exemplary school which is the highest a school can be rated within Texas. This is what I don't understand, why is school that thrives on the education of children and is doing very well I might add on the list to be closed? Instead of expanding the attendance zones or looking for many other ways to cut this budget, they would rather shuffle the kids to other schools  in the area  that are already full. Are you as confused as I am about why these 2 schools are on this list? Seems to me that the district needs these 2 schools so no school gets too full.

Students will go from a family friendly school with wonderful teachers, a small school that for many they are able to walk to, to a huge school where they will have to fight for any help, a school that is already full, a school that many will still have to walk to, but will have to cross dangerous intersections to get to and sometimes walking about 3 times as far just to get there.

My children go to this school because of the Bullying and death threats at the other school. These things are not tolerated by this school. I worried everyday for my children's safety while they were at the school 5 minutes away, but now I drive them 15 minutes away and can relax all day.  It is almost like they are in a sense bullying the little guys with the excuse being the budget.