Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coming Home on Lifetime! Interview with Matt Rogers!

I am sure many of you have watched this show and I know some of you can not watch it but have been DVRing it because it hits too close to home at the moment. This weekend when it comes on you will want the kleenex handy, it is for sure going to be a tear jerker.

Today I had the amazing opportunity to interview Matt Rogers, who is the Host of Coming Home. First I need to say that he is so down to earth and I can't believe I was so nervous right before my phone rang.  I also have to tell you all about the hour leading up to the time in which he was going to call. Don't worry you will get a laugh out of it.

2:00pm mtn time: Got to my 3 year old's Neuro Feedback appt. Which of coarse started late by 15 minutes. This started the freaking out on my part. lol

2:45pm mtn time: We rush out of his appt. Jump in the Durango and start heading home. I look down and realize I am almost out of gas. I kept thinking Please just get me to the gas station.

2:55pm mtn time: Get to the gas station and go in to prepay, ALL I kept thinking at this point is hurry up people you have no idea who is suppose to call me at 3:00 pm mtn time. LOL

3:00pm mtn time: I am pumping gas, staring at my phone and telling it to please not ring until I get home. LOL I am sure I looked like a complete fool.

3:10pm mtn time: We are home, I get Dustin into the house, and go into the garage where it is quiet. Look at my phone to make sure I have signal and start waiting. Thanking my phone for not ringing earlier.

Right at about 3:14 mtn time, my phone rang and it was Life Time, the women apologized for being late and asked if I still wanted to speak to Matt. Well DUH!! of coarse I did!!

We started out by talking about my blog and why I had chosen the name. Matt found it interesting because he understands that one is never "JUST" an Army Wife. I was quite happy that he understood the meaning behind it.

I asked Matt 4 questions. I didn't want to take up too much of his time and was very grateful to be interviewing him at all.

Question #1
How do they pick the post, unit, and people for the show?

Matt's Answer:
"The producers send out an email to a Public Affairs Officer/Office (PAO) After that they wait for Soldiers to respond and then they choose from those emails."
Matt said there is another way to send in your story. You can go to and click on Participate. There you will find all the instructions on how to get your story to them. If you have home video from a homecoming they would love to get those sent in also.

Question #2
How do you keep the tears in so well?

Matt's Answer:
"I don't!"
Most of the time he finds himself bawling like a baby, making sure his wife (who does his hair and make-up) has plenty to do between takes. He also said that they edit out a lot of the moments when he is crying.

Question #3
What made you choose to host this show?

Matt's Answer:
"It was a no-brainer!"
He said that this show is who he is, coming from a family where many have served from WWI to Operation Iraqi Freedom and everything in between. When he was approached to Host Coming Home it felt like a blessing and one who could never turn down.

Question #4
After witnessing these homecomings does it make you look at your own family in a different light?

Matt's Answer:
He has a 3 year old and a 5 year old. He has found that the fuse for his patience and understanding has indeed gotten longer. He no longer can take the little things for granted.
This whole experience for him has been humbling.

A Little more information about Matt Rogers:
Born in Arcadia, CA, Matt Rogers was a business communications major at the University of Washington where he played college football as an offensive lineman for their 2001 Rose Bowl championship team.

Once a mortgage broker, Rogers pursued a career in television after appearing as one of the Top 12 finalists on the third season of American Idol. He most recently hosted the CBS series There Goes the Neighborhood and Really Big Things for the Discovery Channel. Before that, Rogers was a co-host for American Idol Extra on Fox Reality Channel, and worked as a correspondent on several entertainment and sports shows including Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Turner Sports College Football, Best Damn Sports Show and the TV Guide Network. Rogers also works regularly for Fox as a correspondent on American Idol for their finale telecasts.

In his spare time, Rogers enjoys playing poker and fishing with his dad. He lives in Rancho Cucamonga with his wife and their two sons, Brayden and Mason.

Don't forget to tune in to Coming Home on Lifetime at 10pm/9c on Sunday evenings!

Thank You to Michelle Sisco for your help in setting this interview up. Thank You to Lifetime Television and most of all Thank You to Matt Rogers for taking the time to talk with me.

Still House Hunting, well in a sense..

I keep getting sidetracked in my search for the perfect house. I am not getting sidetracked by normal things like the kids or you know house work. I am getting distracted by finding things I would want to change right away in the house on the screen. For instance have you ever really looked at the lighting options of your house? I have lived in houses in which there were no overhead lights, so we had to go out and buy lamps and I have lived in places that had tons of lighting options being used.

This house that I live in right now is that house, there are overhead lights attached to fans in almost every room, for the lights in the stairway we have wall sconces, which I personally LOVE because they are perfect and light up the stairway without being too bright. Some rooms have too many lights, but you can easily turn a few of the off. So while I am looking at all these different house I am looking for all the lighting options used. 

Sadly the Hubbyman is starting to think I am getting obsessed with details and thinks I should just be looking for a house that will fit us all in and we can add things in and take things out as needed. What do you think?  Do you look at all the different options when looking for a house or apartment?

Monday, March 21, 2011

PT, OT, Speech!! What else?!

Oh yeah let me add to that Ophthalmologist, Gastroenterologist, Developmental Ped, and Geneticist. All for my 3 year old child. That is what I have been up to lately and what has kept me away for a little while. I had to get a schedule going for him before I could really sit done and get caught up with posts.

Finally a year after his diagnosis and almost a year after his time with ECI had ended, we are finally back into the groove of therapies and help.

As most of you know I have been taking courses through Military to Medicine, I am so proud of what I have accomplished so far, passing my Medical Terminology course with an A, maybe shocked is more like it. LOL I now have a little break and then I start a 16 week course to which after that I will be done.

The break is really nice because I am getting things done around the house between My 3 year old's therapies. We still have to try and fit in ABA Therapy in and I am confident we can start really soon.

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that I some posts coming up some for giveaways, some for information, and yet some more to go into more detail about what is happening in the Howard House of Chaos, by the way that will be the new name of my blog by the end of the year!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Just Amazing..

I had plans to write up a few posts today, but they are going to have to wait because right now I can not do anything but pray for all those affected by the Earthquake and Tsunami. I can not imagine how they feel or what they are all going through.

It is simply heartbreaking.... Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers as they try to recover from the devastation..