Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just a little frustration...

My daughter had been looking forward to a dance at the school for the last week and a half. They have half days on Fridays, so we had plenty of time to get ready. She picked out her dress 2 weeks ago and just this past week we had picked up tights and shoes. Did I mention that my daughter is 9 and this dance was being called The Daddy/Daughter, Mommy/Son Sweetheart Dance? Not only did we have everything that 4 out of the 6 in our family needed in order to be dressed up, but my Husband had to switch around a class in order to attend the dance.

On Friday I picked the kids up and went straight home, both of the two older kids took a shower and that was the start of the chaos. After my own shower, my daughter and I painted our nails a beautiful bright red. Okay I only did my toes, but my daughter did both her toes and fingers. Next came our hair, I did a nice up do on my daughter and she had a bunch of curls hanging down, for me I just straightened my hair and I thought it turned out quite nice. My daughter and I did make-up and then it was time to get dressed. We decided boys have it so much easier when it comes to getting ready for a dance and had a great laugh.

All 4 of us got dressed, packed a bag for the 2 younger boys to take with them to the baby sitter's house, and we were out the door.

Now between picking up the kids and us being ready to leave the house, it had started to snow, the weather had turned much cooler, and the wind started to blow. Yes, when backing out of the driveway we put the truck into 4WD! About 2 miles from our house, which was about 45 minutes until dance time, my phone rang.  It was the school calling to tell us that due to weather conditions they were cancelling the dance and it was rescheduled for next Friday.

Yes! When I heard that I said out loud "Are you kidding me?" Not that I didn't understand the reasons for cancelling since we had just witnessed not 1 but 2 vehicles having a horrific time trying to go over a bridge, but because of the short notice and the fact that we were already on our way to baby sitter's house to drop the boys off.

All the sudden we had kids crying because they were looking forward to something. 2 looking forward to the dance and 2 looking forward to going over and playing with the baby sitter's children.

Around here we have been having some great weather for it being winter, but this snow was not a surprise, in fact they had been talking about it all day, so why such short notice?

Anyway to help the kids feel a little better, my Husband decided to go out to dinner at one of our favorite places, and after we stopped at my parent's house to show off and take pictures.

Hopefully next Friday will be a nice day and we can finally go to the dance!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The VA

Before my husband stepped away from the Army, we had heard horror stories about the care he could expect from the local VA hospital. Since my husband was medically retired, the VA is where he would get all his care. I bet you think that you are about to read yet another horror story, but keep reading...

Our time dealing with the VA started before my husband was even discharged from active duty. Crazy, I know. We had an appointment for C&P for his sleep apnea in Detroit, MI. The VA Hospital in Detroit is really big compared to our local one in Saginaw, MI. We drove about 3 hours to get there and after getting there realized we may need a little money for gas and to grab something to eat, as these appts can go for about 4 hours. My mother in law put some money into our bank account and that helped ease the stress and anxiety my husband was feeling. Turned out the whole appointment was only about 1 hour and as soon as my husband checked out, he was handed a piece of paper and given directions on where to go next. That piece of paper was called a travel voucher and when we turned it in, we totally ended up having enough for gas and a meal. It was all surreal as we had heard such stories of people not getting a travel voucher, the mileage being wrong, and a few other things.

Now we mostly deal with our local VA in Saginaw, MI. My husband on average has 3 appointments per month, but in the beginning it felt like his appointments were never ending. It started to feel like we lived at the VA and were only home maybe 2 days per week. I can see how in the beginning it can take a toll on someone and they would choose to just not go back.

We also heard so many stories of the care at the VA Hospital. People having appointments cancelled and not knowing until they got there, The Doctors and nurses being mean or just quick to make judgement, or the VA being a complete waste of time. Honestly now that we have been dealing with the VA for 7 months, I can say without a doubt that even though some people seem to have a hard time, we have had absolutely no issues.

After that first visit, my husband had quite a few more appointments in order for the VA to rate my Husband. They give you a rating and also find out what issues are service related and which are not. Again through all of these appointments e had no issues with any of the stories that we had heard. My husband received his first rating and started getting pay from the VA because it was more than his retirement. About a month later and after a few more appointments, my husband had his final rating.

We did have a small issue at one point because somehow only one of our children was showing up in the system. So we gathered the reuired paperwork, birth certificates, and our marraige liscense, went down to the VA, and in one afternoon got the other 3 children and myself added.Because his pay had been wrong, we received back pay and since then have had no issues.

My husband has an amazing team of Doctors at the VA and there is only one that I ould not mind making a change to. She can never start an appointment on time and always seems to be behind. With my husband having PTSD, waiting is not a strong point. She doesn't even say sorry for making us wait. So we may switch her out of his health care team, but maybe not. She is a great Doctor once she calls you back to her office.

I am not sure why so many people have issues with their local VA hospital. Maybe it is because we have stayed on top of everything, know that they will only see the patient for service connected things, and know the rules. Maybe the people with issues are just not talking to the right people or taking the right steps to fix an issue.

I am not done with posting about the VA, this was just a start. But first and foremost I needed to get a message out to some that although working with the VA can be different, that there are some that have had a great experience. Lesson learned: Don't believe everything that you hear. Until you yourself have had to deal with a local VA, you have no idea exactly how your experience will be.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

That Moment....

I have been seeing a lot of status updates on facebook and elsewhere, that begin with this phrase. That Moment...
Today I have my on That Moment sentence!

That moment when you realize just exactly who your true friends are!!

That sentence right up there is completely true and I have had that moment very recently. Through my posts that will be coming in the days ahead, you will learn about everything and why that sentence above describes so many recent moments in my life.

It has been an amazing transition from Army life to civilian life, add in PTSD and you get a whole new crazy life. Good times, bad times, and crazy times. I feel as if I do not fit in anywhere. Crazy I know! Through everything that has happened and will happen, I have found that an old friend is truly one of my best friends. To me a true friend is one that you can pick up and catch up without missing a beat, even if you have not talked face to face in like 10 years or so.

Do you have a friend or friends like that? Have you had a That moment when.... moment? Tell me about it, you never know maybe there is a giveaway that goes along with this:)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wow! It has been a little while....

I really thought that after we moved and started our new life out of the Army that things would be more calm. Now I laugh at myself for even thinking that! I have so much to share with all of you, my loyal readers. I am back for good this time and I can promise you all that. I need to get back to blogging, mostly for my sanity.

I can promise that I will write a blog everyday for awhile, so I can catch every one of you up on things that have happened, things that are happening, and things that will be happening. So starting tomorrow I will be back for good!