Thursday, April 18, 2013

Busy as ever!!

     The past few months have been crazy busy... I am not complaining because I LOVE that my kids are involved in activities, but maybe some sleep would be nice. LOL

My oldest is now 12, yes he has entered that final year before becoming a teenager. He is very involved with the Boy Scouts and has told me that he wants to continue until he is an Eagle Scout. That makes me very proud!

My one and only daughter is still very much involved with her Figure Skating. We have made a few changes with who coaches her, but she is doing wonderful! She has moved up to Basic 5 and now competes in the Basic 4 level. We have already been to 1 of 3 competitions this month. As of right now she is top in points for the series!

My 5 (6 next week) year old is doing well in school and will be starting T-ball next month along with my youngest who is now 4. They are both excited!

So despite being busy I really LOVE that the kids are doing things and having fun.

Just a little update on us.